IDGAF about March 08

"Ang buhay ay weather weather lang"
(Life, just like the weather)
- Kuya Kim
Its been a rather roughly tough month for me so far. I couldn't hope for the worst. SO JUST SHOOT ME OK?

Tough Month Declassified
Mar 13 - got robbed unsuspectingly
Mar 19 - crap ass birthday that I didn't bother celebrating. Luis P. saved the day though
Mar 22-23 - didn't have house helpers anymore, had to do house chores, worked on the slides till dawn
Mar 24 - not in the mood to be anywhere near school. Moved the petition that was not approved but instead moved to the baccalaureate mass
So I aced the joint the following day it was Mar 25th then. I stayed up extra late because I was inspired to work on the grad slides
Mar 26 - Last night that I could illegally stay up late to work on the slides. Discovered that some batch mates were oblivious to what I was doing
Mar 27 - finalization of the slides, worked all day. Till Dawn.
Mar 28 - Slide Show CD didn't work in the player or the computer cd drive; Rode with Cess & Kuya Ken going home, he got ticketed for the first time.

So maybe I'm worse than unlucky. I don't know, don't care.

F*ed up graduation
I know I might sound unreasonable. Life is so I can only go so far as to complain from my little world. I never told mum or so I think she's not aware of it. One of my greatest loses in high school was that I don't get to graduate with honors. I shouldn't have put in so much effort into those sleepless nights and spend so much time and effort studying my little brain out. I end up being the pathetic little loser that I am now. I feel just as if I have as many grievances like those who are having a hard time this graduation. I won't mention names. We know who they are, If you didn't know. I was one of them too, in my own way.

Marz is currently in IDGAF mode. It gave me another reason not to attend the baccalaureate mass today, don't get me wrong but I'm grateful over the fact that I'll graduate without a hassle. God, thankful at the most. YET F*ed up disappointed that I didn't fulfill Dad's wish to let him go up the stage for an honor at least. He might do something stupid, yes or no likewise, he's not happy about it. I know.

Sorry I'm a f*ed up failure. Sorry I'm not like them. Don't worry I'll work harder as always.

Pre-grad Blues
Enough about my lousy graduation Today because I'm missing out on the Baccalaureate mass doesn't mean I missed out on the fun. Today is Bernadette's graduation. We celebrated after at Mass. Thanks to Tito Jimmy for picking us up specifically (Me and Cess). Knowing the predicament of the toga business I had it brought to Masbate campus but I still ended up going to Villa Corina to get my insights which I might bring on the graduation for final messages.
Joko, Bogs, Marco, Marc.... Haaaizz... that's dope.

And For Everything else I have dramas to watch that will compensate for the stupidity of life. LIFE LIFE LIFE> DAMERO! I want a DS now! (without the possible broken hinge thing LOL)

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