Hopefuls in wasteland

Hey kids. Well whaddya know, today isn't that much of a hassle as yesterday. When going back to school seemed like a complete drag. I took the liberty of being my usual self today. A bit loud and carefree... I wished it was always like that. Always

Happy Debut
After grad practice we celebrated Mrs. Mangahas' special surprise debut party. Mum is quite surprised on what we had for her... birthday (Its actually celebrated in advanced. Its on the 21st supposedly).

Everyone getting worked up to surprise Mrs. Mangahas

I just had to ask WHY my camera died on an important event. OH SHOOT ME! It was a nice party but I say it was not so- a hassle to clean up... We were just merely doing everyone a favor. So thanks!- for leaving us to do all the cleaning.

yes, this oldie is getting OLD-er tomorrow. I didn't really think about it much till Noe reminded me. I was actually planning something but not because it was my birthday. It's just an excuse. It always was.

so to say, I hate to say or make a stupid excuse like "its my birthday anyway". Let's cut the special treatment. The world's a lot much nicer to you when it's not your birthday. What a waste. Something just told me that I'm getting older and thankfully a bit wiser.

Over dinner mum asked if I wanted anything special. NO of course not this year at least. I'm trying to save up for the money I lost when I got robbed. Damn, my wallet was my biggest lost that day. That asswipe could seriously have at least just taken the money. DAMERO to the nTH level.

My priceless birthday wish
YEh... this is priceless yet I know no one can do it for me.
1. spend a birthday (for it being the reason) with all my classmates (probably will on Monday though)
2. have someone significant sing "사랑스러워"... hopefully someone I used to like as much as the gay man... Gay man, I'm not asking you. Just hoping someone like you.....
3. see Bogs and Lea prune each other (this is most probable)
4. See everyone's smiles for no good reason.
LASTLY.. most importantly
5. see ANY ONE of my classmates -ing in front of me. ANY ONE except me or I'll freakin' beat you up.

That about wraps it up. PRICELESS... just like the stuff that was stolen from me. GOD I REALLY WANT BEAT UP THAT HAG!

Later days

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