Heads up high altitude

What happened to the kids? I don't know I don't want to talk about it any further.

Must be a better day
Well, we all know who Dennis loves....

Compare me & the gay man to Dennis and Jifi. Save Dennis.

That is just so sad. I want to do Dennis a favor and give him a copy of all the pics I have have of him and his 'JiFi' haiz. That Jason Fernandez. I should go skin him off for him. Haha "Compare and Save" get Jiffy, Frosting Mix.. pwahahaha

I suddenly remembered the Gay man. How Dennis reminds me of how I used to like the gay man just as much.. Marz is being STUPIDCUTE again.

Today I spend my time getting back at the things I really need to get done. I haven't worked on my 5G fanart yet. Geez this is a tight competition. I must work hard for this one! MUST MUST MUST. So to say I miss hangging out with Bernadette even if I did go to her graduation.

Has anyone heard of 'Overthrow Super Junior'? I'm suppose to look for the video. I'm very curious

Playing in the photobooth
The one fun thing about a powerbook or any apple laptop you can get hold of now a days is the photobooth. This time I got to download stickers for it. WHhhEEE and so I got to playing again

Thank you, Snap, for the stickers. I heart you

Where'd the slides go?
I plan to do everyone a favor. If they're patient enough, I will be uploading the slide show to a server after I convert it tomorrow. I'll send you guys a link and download away till it's unavailable by then I'll have to go about it another way so get it while it's hot.

Later days. Congratulations to all the graduates

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