Culture Shock. In wrong context

Hey kids how's life treating you? Good, I hope. Me? Today ain't a walk in the park. I'm not as mad (anymore) or happy either.

Getting pick-pocketed
Now that it's happened to me, I think that the crime rate is simply just going higher. KUSO! Today I got robbed of my wallet and iPod. DAMERO DAMERO DAMERO.

Sorry if that's not making any sense at all. It's a disappointing thing that I got pick pocketed without noticing it. I was really careful. To the thought that this was my first time to commute alone going to Villa Corina because of the training and the petition I needed to get signed. Da**. Sorry kids if I talk like this. I just can't keep a clean mouth when I have to.

but to whomever stole my wallet and iPod. HAVE IT, ENJOY IT. I know you'd like it more than I do. In fact, you can keep it but I really wished you'd give back my IDs though. I can't live properly without em. Most especially my divers ID. Dam* I even wanted to go diving badly in El Nido this summer. Well, THAT FUCKTARD BETTER BE HAPPY I'M NOT YET HYSTERICAL.

I'm not going to blame him completely as Dad told me I was at fault too. Mom said I got dressed inappropriately for the occasion. I say I was little bit off with the clothes, but I was already being modest at that point. I didn't flash the iPod or my wallet in public but the bag I used might have lured prying eyes. I'll change the bag ASAP. Remembering, Hey I'm not walking in New York right? my bad.

Kids, know this one thing, your better off not raging like I am. I'm actually thankful that I was just pick-pocketed and not sticked-up like my brother was, last month (He lost his phone, watch, and money- Thank God he didn't lose his Fujitsu lifebook). Geez talk about crime rate skyrocketing.

I have something to be thankful for
Despite the fact that it's been a lousy day after being robbed just like that (It's feels down right pathetic). From the famous words of Nao Kanzaki in Liar Game.
"Everyone in this world can be happy. If only they will not be selfish enough to think only about themselves"
"People who live solely for their desires... Doesn't that make one also a bad person?"
Liar Game Approach.
FINISHED. Conclusion.. Life itself is, a Liar Game. Being human is pathetic but there is always hope.

I thank God that I still managed to get home after that. I was already at the Jeep terminal to NIA NPC when I decided to go home after I realized that I didn't have a wallet (Thinking that I left it at home with my phone). I discovered that the iPod was gone. I broke down and cried thinking that I lost something I didn't even worked hard for.

KUSO. Personally I think it's pretty stupid to have a ipod usb cable without the ipod itself. I still have the broken earphones tho. Everything that's left of what would remind me about that disappointing iPod of my dad.. (You see, it's not even my iPod that got stolen).

I'm really glad that Mom and Dad didn't scold me for it. Though I'm sure they're just as disappointed- making money isn't easy and I know that.

The real culture shock
We have thieves in the Philippines from all walks of life. From the lowest scumbags to the government. They're all just selfish fucktards, and I am sorry that you can't prove that their not. But still I'd invite you all to come to my country despite all this. It's a beautiful country minus the fugly government, thank you very much.

apparently it takes a team to can-can. Why didn't they just leave it for the people to decide and continue with fixing up the country. So we'll have at least one less fucktard country.

If you were to choose over material things over your life. Think about it hard, reflect on it.

better later days

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