AMT.. Must haves (hopefully on my birthday)

All Material Things
that money can buy...

NDS Lite... Crimson Red / Black / Ultra Metallic Red / White will always do :P

+++ Accessories
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at<-2GB will make me extra happy


Apple iPod Earphones or anything similar to it's quality.
and if you're willing to throw one of these....

PowerShot SD1100 IS

but if you can't give me any of those.... a web hosting plan + domain would be nice too!

and I will love you long time

Whats even nicer...

A real birthday wish list.
  • YOU spend my birthday with me
  • spend my birthday with my friends
  • do something fun
  • Eat at an Asian Restaurant (preferably Japanese or Korean) with friends
and I will love you longER time

They're going back to Korea

Reina & Simon

Sadly there not staying till graduation and for that same reason their all (Korean classmates) leaving. Simon (7th), Reina (8th), Candy (9th). Where's the sunshine?...

Crap the system. Crap late decisions and people who can't make up their minds.

I miss everyone and hope to visit my friends in Korea and the states. I don't think I'll be going either this time. I dunno. Gods will I suppose.

Kids... Study hard. and don't be like me

later days

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