♥s day at school

yes kids, I was out doing my White day deeds at school. Giving out chocolates to random kids.

Noe is so LOVED!
We just arrived at Villa Corina then headed to the covered court. Noe (Nicholas) found something on the board. Dayyuuumm, I want to be loved too!!! Hahah Noe Lorenzo fans! I'm a fan too actually (but I didn't write that!). Noe was like "OMG I just saw that, I was surprised!"... eh yeah right, sure you were.

Cotillion Practice
dut dut dut, after all the excessive complains about me dancing for people. I eventually gave into the idea of joining the Promenade Cotillion. Ah heck! It's my last year and oh dope whatever else should I think?!! Yey for the fact that Lester is my partner. He's an ok dancer. I doubt I would learn the step just as easy without his help. Thanks Partner!

Are you in love?
Welps I can't help but tease couples today. Including those who were being "paired up" but for this case. I'll let you kids decided weather they are or not. OOOHHHhhhh.... these two are an item!

I posted this picture without consent!!!

Serenading Mrs. Mangahas
I am i bit ignorant to the fact that we were doing something special for Mrs. Mangahas today but thankfully we pulled it off. Marz Ren and her lip synching blues...

Today I fell asleep in the music room, where I usually stay during practice breaks. When I woke up I saw another hot 'item'

Simon & Reina

Well kids... think what you wanna. Don't make me kiss ya

Happy Valentines Day
for everyone and the kids.

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