Once every four years...

It's the 29th. It's Leap year, baby!
Enjoy the day it only comes every four years
- Sir Paul
Why couldn't I have done exactly that?

When the drama get serious.
I don't really like to tread on troubled water but my mates were just to eager to reminisce about the past and what not. It didn't trouble me much but as they kept on talking it got on my nerves and d*** it. I wanted to shoot myself that very moment.

To be honest I'm not ready to say what I have to because I have no way of tell my mates how or what I really want to tell them. But you can write it down with ya pen and paper. I'm not happy. I am but heck these people are just so depressing. Beats the crack outta me when I think crack issues like this. Dam*. KUSO!

So what the heck. How the heck do you enjoy a day that comes every four years?

For all I care. We're leap year graduates. Grade Six and Fourth year. Heck! am I even graduating?! mofo!

Keeping business straight
It's the school's Foundation Day. I did the mini opening crack ass talk

Welcome to February 29's Fair Day here at Saint Claire School.

FTW? Stupid Cute Much! And that's what school teaches the kids. The Heck?! We took charge of the Jail booth. Much to my amusement. Nothing is amusing. Not the air castle. Nor the fish I won. I'm even more disappointed today. It felt like no one gave a damn if it was going to be the last day or what not. HECK I don't give a shi* for that matter.

Sir Susvilla in the Jail (with me- ON DUTY)

What Was So Nice anyway
besides the fact the life is starting to get really disappointing (let me forget about it). Hey I took some pics from today. I'm not as photographeristic as I used to be. (I'll just make up for it on my next set tomorrow). Well even if I didn't take a 100+ pics I think I took quite nice ones for this set. I'm ready to graduate to a new camera. PUN intended.

So the air castle was out of the question. No one wanted to join me jump like an idiot so I gave it a rest. I poured my interest in catching fishes. Reminded me of Tatta Hitotsu No Koi when I first saw the pool of fish.

I admit I'm no pro at fish picking stuff but It was fun (for a bit). After a few tries with help from Natasha, Bogs and Marc (at different trials). I eventually got myself a fish, the companion I merely found in the Girl's comfort room. Someone left it there. I took it from whoever left it there because it looked like a sad lil' fishie.

Natasha Tilapia (small one) & Marc Dilis (Big one)... The fish

Ok thank you.. next topic please...

Talking to you- This is what I thought
as much as I didn't want to mention it, I am once again reminded of my mate who were touched most specifically by Bogs' truthful words for us. A verbal approach on his insights. KUSO now I want to Die. Specifically right now.

Maybe I just don't have the right words to tell my mates right now. I don't want to tell them anything, they just might misunderstand and regard me as an ungrateful person.

Why did it have to be me? It's confusing. I don't know what I'm thinking right now. I am just very confused. But just so ya'll know I'm sick and tired of analyzing maybe I just need some sleep. Maybe I'll be good to go by tomorrow.

So to conclude, today I am very disturbed and disappointed.

They looked so happy

and I envied them as I watched from my place up here.

I wished that 4 Wisdom was also complete today. No use in looking back at today cos its already history.

Dennis is still very disappointed

it felt quite surreal for me to actually get to take a picture of someone's emotion without asking him / her to act like it. Some thing is different about this photo. I guess Dennis felt that I was taking his picture and so I lost the complete emotion. Nuff said about that.

Dennis came late today, So late that he didn't make it to see all that much happen. He's not in the mood to talk about any of his problems. Geez I really wished I could help.

Epitome of Marc & Marz pictures from today

Me with "boots with the fur"; Marc and his said poser shoes.
Whatever that was suppose to mean.

the Heck?

Hey! It's Seth!

Well I'm a disappointment in the making but since I already am. I better get back to what needs to get done. I'll be disappearing for awhile. I gotta graduate.

Tomorrow>>> Mr. and Ms. Campus.

Stay tuned for the next episode

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