Musikabataan- Being Loud and Proud

Tonight is definitely a hot one. I got busy so yeah. I'm even busier now. Let's try to finish things...

To start off.. Musikabataan 08
I came at 4:44. (call time was 4:00= NO!!! Filipino Time!!!!) but I was still able to help out with preparing the tickets, folding the pamphlets, ushering the people and finally enjoying the show. Thank God I was amongst the PAs on this event, there was a mix up between our bands so we got that fixed just in time before the show. (Nice Presentation :P)

btw... I'd like to thank the sponsors... kekeke Especially Mcky-ds.... For my dinner/ snack.

Merienda @ McDo
Before getting into more serious PA business I treated Andrew fries... I shared actually kekeke but I promised him that I would treat him. I just had that and it got me through the night until the first performance from our school. Anyway so much for that. By the way it's "SHAKEY DAY" for me... ahh steroids side effects.

The best parts of being a PA
so what if you're gonna get asked to do stuff.. It's a'ight so I really enjoyed being one. Maybe I'll volunteer again next year or who knows :). I got the best view in the house! Unfortunately I screwed up on taping our band's performances. I put my best foot forward as fashion commentator last night. I mean Production Assistant.

woot... Cheska's boots..

I'm also happy about the fact that the SCS students stayed even long after the show was over. Surprise! Me and the PA's weren't the only one's present.

band performances by school entries:
Tense Perfect- Joko, Apo, Gilbert, and Carlo

(and a personal favorite)
WALKVOID- Marc, Jad, Joseph, and John *it's a long story but they used to be "ISAW"

and there is also Distorted Minds from Roces... Whooo!! Ate Rosalieee!!!! IDOL!!!!

Literally putting the title into action
I regret being loud while being proud. Poor video. XD. I think I also ruined Ate RA's take of our band pwahahahaha... sorry

Taking breaks
I took a break but not so soon after Tense Perfect's performance. We're really enjoying this PA business. I work later at night Kekekek...

It was a blast! (thanks Cheska) I didn't have time to take plenty of self-centered pictures of myself so go-figure anyway. Too bad I had to leave early. So much for having pictures with the artists or getting an autograph from Rosalie... WASAK!

Julieanne, Marc Escueta, and Aia De Leon presenting the awards with Kuya Kimpee. Kuya Matt and Cheska were still on the stage

Thanks to Boss Kuya Osep (Villaruz) and Nani Pat (Barza) for introducing me to Ate Julieanne and & Kuya Marc (Escueta) of Rivermaya for the lovely autographed STAFF ID of mine which got lost in the middle of the event which made me go nuts looking for it. EEP but Nani Pat found it for me Thanks. I love you guys so much! You make me even more proud of OPM Music (tho I'm a total noob at local bands). Thanks, thank you...

this will be another one to add on my curriculum vitae HEY HEY!

So kids, if you had a rockin' hella of a good time.

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