Lets end today

Today I don't know what it's like, both of the above I suppose disappointing and nice. Tonight is the Mr. & Miss Campus Talent night. Geez so much for talent I didn't want to get blamed for anything. I can't go, no ride home. So much for that.

I'm a bit tired from CAT training today. I've lost interest for the talent night, I didn't have a camera anyway. I haven't heard from mom and dad till 8 something this evening through SMS. There might not be any signal where their at. I don't mind as a long as their alright. I hope there aren't too many mosquitoes there.

Thank you bubble tea for making my day. Royal Milk tea rules! .. well, it'll do for today.

I was here with Lea @ 8:04 o'clock
Thanks to Chrissy Q. for the pic. Yeah I agree with everyone else when it comes to this places' ambiance... WHEE FOR BUBBLE TEA!

I'm surprised by the fact that Starbucks @ SM is under renovation. So no starbucks @ SM. Only Westlife Starbucks for as of now but heck! Why Starbucks when I can Bubble Tea eh? LoL

Thank you Lea and Pat for watching Jumper with me and Bogs (Eduardo) who tagged along before going home even if he can't really stay for long.

Jumper's a neat movie.
Heck! Samuel Jackson's a villain... NEEEEAAAT! Sexy role for Hayden Christensen... SHMEXY MUCH! I sense a part 2 somewhere out there.

After the movie me and Lea helped Nani Pat pick out a gift for Micheal Rowel (Miss Gaudia-Ramos' baby boy) whom which some of my mates are the Godmother / Godfather of the boy. I ain't going though, the baptismal is all the way in Tarlac. I didn't bother asking anymore since Mum and Dad are out too so NO CHANCE! eeeepp... Can't go though I wanted to.

My mates are actually going to see the school that Noe's family owns.. Geez I can't imagine. They're spending the night there too! (tomorrow, that is)

As for bubble tea well I checked out there Royal Milk tea. Not as interesting as the Taro one (that I had for the first time) but maybe just so-so. Maybe I should try Quickly? hehehe. @ Bubble Tea I felt silly ordering a take out when I dined-in for a drink. Me and Lea made small talk and stuff... Man. I sure was boring. Probably?

I'm too lazy. I feel lazy yet I'm so busy with all my projects. DANG IT! I can't believe I'll be leaving school in a few week's time. Excluding the one week holiday though.

Kids, don't bother celebrating my birthday. Marz is broke, No cash out. I can't treat any of you I wish I could have though. I have to stop but I'll keep guessing for a better day.

look who's just like a complete geek!

later days.

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