The Last: FD of 08

Now kids, let's not get emotional just yet. There's still things that bother me. One of which if anyone would bother to tell why the seniors are all happy about the best batch thingy? what? did we win yet? DUDE! it's PUN UNINTENDED this time so please don't think I'm trying to make you think else what. I just don't understand what was announced earlier. Ok so I'm the big loser even if I was there... GREAT.

The Day After the musikabataan.
Today is Family Day. The last one I'll ever have in my high school life yet I choose to take it easy and still as always didn't participate in the games ( I was in the classroom, moping about how Ate Danie and Noe reminded me of.... DSENOI & BE) <- stupid reason isn't it? gaaah.. (And if you are reading this now. Man, please don't tease me)

So yeah. I was mopping around... OH I FORGOT I wasn't MOPPING!!! ROAR! I was conducting the interview with the bands who won the previous night. I told you I'd be busy! So we did several takes on 'how the band was formed' and all that small talk. It's times like these that we need real PAs. Haiiiz


Besides the fact that. THAT is THAT, we still managed to win ourselves the top spot in the games and counting of visiors today. Though only third in the performance part. I THINK I overheard that we we're best batch already? I don't know I don't want to make any false claims but yeah... and so yeah. I still don't understand why everyone is so happy about the FD which we got third place at? :/

minsa'y tayo'y mga anak ng putakte. WALA AKONG SINABING ika'y yaon

And well because I think we pretty much screwed up with our performance... the rest was history.. Videos, videos, videos.... Ahk... and all that used to be useless to me. Too bad it isn't up in Youtube yet.

^ Still in war colors. with WALKVOID's Marc T. (Yeah right like that's much of a big deal)

I guess I was just really overwhelmed by their performance last night that I was looking forward to greet people stupidly this morning with "KAMIhhhh ANG WALKVOID" *with matching head bang and hang gestures*

So END of Family Day At School. Hello after party.

Q-time with the boys
I still don't get why I'd call it an afterparty I just didn't feel like going home yet I suppose so I hanged out with the guys today.. Eep... Paul gave us a lift to SM. CLOWN CAR Style, Me and Micheal we're already sitting on the laps of the others. I was pretty amused by the fact the Paul is driving too... Ok I'm not getting any taller that's why I feel as if I'm still too young to drive.

We had lunch at the food court and we saw the Girls. I didn't join them though, I didn't have any intentions of watching One Missed Call. I had Korean BBQ for lunch when I asked the lady for a BULGOGI BOWL... I guess she didn't know what a bulgogi was in the first place. (-_-'). I opted for soup instead. My god was that soup salty!

I had Mike taste it then he too found it salty. I told him, Maybe it's made out of the cook's sweat?! haha he choked on that thought but he was able to fix it. I let him have the whole thing.

Lesson: Don't let fast food chains fool you... Eat @ TriNoMa

After lunch we hit the arcade for a game of Para Para Paradise (in memory of our FD), Exceed and Drum Freaks (Turts and Bogs)... lalala me and Mike. We just... Made use of our eyes. I played something else. HOPING FOR AN ID3 MACHINE *Throws Ah Kai with a stick* A MACHINE!!!!

Turts dancing to burning desire

Kids, It's going to be even harder for me to leave you if your like this.

Take care and get some sleep. Because I never do myself

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