Grad Pictorial

Guess who had her grad pictorial today? Yep... I am actually graduating... Funny to think that I've failed most of my entrance exams... I feel like it's not happening but it is.... Ahrrr... Whatever. I'll work harder as always. No professional photographers involved :P KIDDING, just people doing their jobs. Thanks for taking our pictures!

I think there's something wrong with my right eye... it's red eermm I should be telling that to the doctor >_<. This is the fugliest picture I have of myself in my entire life... I have to look good but I always look bad on occasions like these. Ahhr.. but at least I don't look like my grade 6 graduating self anymore. AHkk... I have to cut down on the salty food... I'm getting puffy again!! too soon! But just for the record this made me feel very accomplished today. Hurray to myself! XD

More pictures...

Practicing for the FD of 08
It's going to be our last FD and the whole class is still not in the mood to take it seriously... there won't be a second chance for us and the competition is tight. Something is bound to go wrong. I feel sorry for Dennis. He's very pressured with us. I know how it's like except dancing is not our forte so I don't know what to expect of us

Jo reading her book & Mike trying to sleep on break

3 days till Musikabataan: LOUD & PROUD
I'm officially a Production Assistant on this gig. I'm pretty nervous for our bands. Their practicing but I'm still very worried. Turtal is still out of tune and so help us God!!! For both bands to make a good performance. Ironically this is on Friday before the Family Day this week. I need to sleep.

and still after all that. I'm still looking forward to the prom amongst all the activities this month. I'm very happy that I have a very promising prom date. Thanks to Sammuel who talked us into it. So excited I must be in the pink of health by prom night itself... HIT THE GYM! DIET TO THE MAX!!


Later Days kids, study hard now!

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