First Last: JS Promenade

It was "A night to remember" the title of this year's Prom which was held at Sofitel. I was too hassled to take a million of pro pics as my camera is getting lousy itself blaaah. So much for that It was an OK night. As is I can complain about it. It's the only one I have anyway.

My Prom Date:

Nemuel Gabitanan

They say he should have been my date:

Eduardo Vinniegas
Excuse us but we were supposed to win the cosplaying couple of the night award ehem ehem... Mind you Gail (Orduna) even complemented me "Ahhhkk why are you cosplaying!!!"

My Favorite 'Paneks Man of the night':
(If you didn't know I'm a sucker for guys who look hot in suit).. always am

That is besides the fact that John (Peralta) also had a very paneks voice last night. pwahahah he too was in a suit but I'll leave that for someone else to decide

That is the advantage of having really good Korean classmates woooot!~

Well he was my favorite Paneks man of the night due to the fact that there were more than just one Paneks man.... a
fair number of paneks men.... I should produce a show called "panex man" to counter "x-man" BOORING. old school!

Most Paneks photo with a friend:
Hey! Marco's there too..

There was cotillion, and after so. Dinner time (as always I loved the chocolate mousse). Then the serenading blaaah and all that jazz (it's in the invitation, I left mine with Nems so I have to ask it back from him on Monday). A lot of crazy dancing. then the moment of truth, the awarding.

I was surprised I was crowned Dance Empress of the night knowing that I'm more of the 'fashion icon' type of candidate but it seemed impossible as there were a lot more girls who were better dressed than I was. VERY PLAUSIBLE. Thank you for making me stand up even after I was very tired from dancing like an idiot. Thank you Dance buddies. Thanks to everyone I danced with.

and I like the teddy I got from being so.

"Prom" The bear

and for being there. I they gave us a BIG BURGER. For take out

how do I eat this?

amused enough? well I have for this night at least.

For everyone who came thanks for making this night even more memorable for everyone. For everyone I danced with thank you. For the lovely dessert chef... I still love your signature mousse. I will come back for more.

get ready tonight
I'm gonna make this a night to remember
coz this night, you won't forget yeah
lets make a toast who those
who help make this occasion
they turn their back on love
that's what led you straight at me

-Ryohei Yamamoto

This is all for you from yours truly,

sleep tight tonight kids

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