Club day diss-day

Here's for the Laughs

Welcome to S.Y. 2007-2008's Co-curricular Club Day!.... Where's my script?

Andrew Delivers an opening speech

For The Boys
The boys decide that they'd be Maria for a day. "Maria Goes to the Market" and Bogs and Marco stole the show for their mind-blowing hip swagging. Not Eduardo though, He "harlemed" his way to victory. Jonathan, not only mimicked Maria but became her. Mind you this is a relay game, not Miss Gay O'eight pageant. I think I'd need a rocket scientist to re-write my sentences... A bit offending? heck nah!

For Marz
It's just play time.

I should have just played dead I suppose I'm much better at that. Lalala walking with a balloon in between my legs; A balancing act with a calamansi on a spoon in my mouth; Holding up a ball up in the air; Everything while walking. Wow. Modified Relay game. I should try that for this year's Chirstmas Party for the kids in Sta. Maria.

Let's do Kpop
I couldn't figure out what they sang after seeing the scores of the song. I still don't know. Kpop ballad brought to you by 3rd Year's 한국어.

and more games till... END

Here's for the failure

February 28, Thursday. Today is the day I get really ticked off. ****!
Dennis really got ticked off after the club day. I clearly remembered that he said.
I didn't need to be the best club member, I'd rather let the kids feel that they did well being a part of our club.
I did too. Really badly, I wanted to make up for whatever disappointment that I've brought to the club. When the kids left that day I couldn't tell weather they were disappointed about getting their hopes up. I didn't want to waste their efforts either. We just didn't get the feel of what they really wanted.


Sorry, I can't make it up to you. I don't know how


Stay in school kids, when your going. Your done for

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