Almost 新年 NI!

Tonight tomorrow. doesn't make that much of a difference when but there's people who live near me who actually celebrate... I'm not alone! WHEE!!! so to everyone.


Wishing you all a good and prosperous year of the Rat!

The Hong Bao
Mickey Mouse sure is lucky this year in HK.. I told Ed to give out Mickey Mouse Hong Bao's to younger peers. I don't know if he followed but I sure did! I just gave lots to the kids who deserved... Money lost is money gained (only on Chinese New Year). I wanted to attend a burning today but I don't know where and I fell asleep while I was at it. >_< size="1">
thanks to James for the Photo

The Many faces of New Year with fruits

It's Part TWO of Marz Ren's Apple Blues.... this time with the power book.... a glossy piece of of flox. Only the hardware is pretty. I'd stick with a hp or dell though. This reminds me of Ed. He's got a PINK one. GAY LOLoL

Hmmm glossy....

Remembering Kids @ SCHOOL
Another day down till end of S.Y. 07-08.... IT'S ALREADY NEW YEAR!! I was dancing like an idiot with Dennis a while ago. I should have gotten home early but I left my phone >_<. Any ways these kids are a handful. I haven't had a bunch of friends like these in a while now. Everyone is just getting older and me well I'm getting even older too. The kids who call me "Lola" know so.

Dang it my left eye has gone red again, let's not focus on it. I need to see a doctor for this

It's true... I have problems with MAC so I don't enjoy using em.

Yes, yes, this is a fruit.

Marz to powerbook: are you talking to me?

Happy New Year Kids! Don't spend all your hong bao money...

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