When life meets ends

Does the end justify the means? Suppose that when it's your time to go then you just have to face the music.

This morning I went to Cubao to go look for some shoes. I was surprised with the major changes in the Shoe expo... not as many shoe stores as it used to have when I was younger. It's more of a drag queen shoe paradise now. I'd go back if I need a decent pair of boots though. I didn't buy anything.

Cubao Shoe Expo is now the home for VINTAGE POP & Drag Queen shoes... (minus the nice boots too)

thanks to Dylan for the photo

This afternoon we went to Asian Hospital after we picked up Tita Cecil (Cabatit) to come with us to visit Tito Tonti (Abad Santos). He's been diagnosed with a terminal illness and could go off any moment if he doesn't undergo another surgery which he himself declined.

Its not that I feel sorry but rather I was surprised with how much Attorney Abad Santos has changed. It's seems like it was just a few years back when I first met him and he's in this condition now. He's my dad's classmate in College and I'm pretty much aware that he likes to drink wine and lots of it.

The image of him in his chair when I visited him with the thought of him being ill wasn't in my mind. He looked very cheerful despite that much. I was happy to see him even if Ate Summer said that he was a bit tired. I don't know what to think now. Tita Amy seemed very stressed with making decisions and taking surgeries. Everyone should respect his decision and I'd still pray that he'd still be able to go home like he wanted to, they're just waiting for clearance.

It's hard to imagine that this might be the last time I'll get to meet him. I will never forget that I've met him in this life time, that's enough to be proud of. My prayers are with him.

For Dinner- Dinner Fish for dinner
I don't know why but we decided to have dinner out at fish out of water in greenbelt 5 (on the way home that is). Yes kids, I didn't make it up for your brain cells. This greenbelt 5 place is still in the works and I think is still on dry run. I had Cagayan Ostrish something something... Jesus, I have a thing for Ostrich meat XD... PETA please don't hurt me!

it made me forget about today's ordeals and school problems for a bit.. but now I just remembered and so yeah so much for short time happiness.

You never know if you'll wake up tomorrow
you want to but you can't; you don't want to but you do
my days on earth are counted, some went ahead of me
when my time bomb explodes
I'm not sure when
will you remember me?

Later Days kids, take care

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