We mean business

No kidding man it's Monday it's mad. I'm not completely but I know someone will when they find out. ENTRANCE EXAM RESULTS!

dang it... so far I have...

TO BE ANNOUNCED (looking into it now) [still on the 28th]

its a depressing thought but I have to painstakingly live with the fact that I'll be screwed half way of my life if I don't make it into the last university. There's not guarantee of my studying abroad either. I don't think Mom will agree... I might as well sneak off while I'm in the US. LOL kidding, I just need to get into at least ONE university for the love of living!

49 Viruses
Apo (Amontos) asked me to see what I can do to fix it. So yeah I plugged it in for a scan and DOPE! I got 49 viruses off his ipod shuffle... SHOCKING

getting my dress done is only .. half of what needs to get done. I still have my prom date to worry about but I've decided who already ^_^. Anywho I went to Eddie Badeo's shop for the measuring I sure owe Venny big time again. Also mum ^_^.

as of now I'm doing the math on this thing and:
3-prom itself
=13,000 rounded off total...

OUCH (X_X) and their getting only 1 K out of me. I'm facing dooms day for finance! I have a lot of other things to spend on. I don't intend to go broke over this stinkin' prom. I even have to buy my own camera batteries, mind you they cost a fortune!

I left my cellphone at school!... now I have no alarm clock
(just saying)

Reina Hwaiting!
Mr. & Ms. Campus candidates introduction tomorrow. I can't wait ^_^. I wanna snag the 3 or 2nd prize which is a cellphone and an ipod shuffle respectively. (Doi like I don't have one already). But still I'm rooting for Reina and Joko. I'm betting my two cents on Noe though, It's kinda hard for me to imagine how he's not gonna make it into the finals (<_<') apparently I'm not amused at all.

I hope they can sell all those tickets. I'm half way broke to buy more (>_<).

So kids, as early as now start saving up. Your prom is gonna cost you even more in the years to come.

later days!

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