Ready for tomorrow

I'm in a good jitter-jabber mood right now and so will tomorrow. I'm quite hyped though I still feel a little bit of bronch- in me.... oh whatevers. Like my mates in school actually don't want a reason to be absent for a little while longer kekeke. I have to go to school early so even as late as now I have to make a quick post.

Cookie quite resolved
so yeah. The Cookie turned brownie was a flop but it still tasted good. Greg decided to take the long and proper painstaking way of making chocolate crinkles. I helped out but it just gave me an even greater trauma for eating chocolate crinkles. (I'm not a fan of chocolate crinkles, I just got tired of it I suppose). Mom was trying to keep herself away from these yummie goodies. YUM YUM the second time around har har.

it looked like it had marshmallows on it. Kewl.

New little monster.
Tito Jun (Gandela) ... Yup I have a Tito Jun (long lost) that I only knew of only now. He came over to listen to mass. Told us stories of him and Dad in the old house back in his days B.C. (before chip)... and he left us something he didn't need. This little monster of a notebook.

how big is little?

oh just a 1/3 my brother's desktop and 1/4 of his keyboard put together. Scary? It's just a notebook tablet... it uses a style-lush (dope, don't ask it's stylus) . Disturbing put all in all but I'm not complaining. Thanks Tito Jun, we'll come visit you in Frodo Land

and that' pretty much all for now. I'm pretty hype for going back to school tomorrow. They better buy my reason for being absent or I'm giving it to them. LITERALLY. "Hey who wants some bronchitis?!". haha

Later Days, kids.

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