Journ Congress X Band Screening

Journ Congress was a bore! Merienda was better than the last time I attended. Photos I took... sai hei. CO @ Villa. "mahalay" It hurts to watch

Mabini Does SOP 12

LSS HURTS! - Wonder Girls "Tell Me"
Most of us are sigging it. Micheal, Lea, Dennis, Myself, Simon, Reina, Candy, Helen.... OMG... this is too much. We put "Tell me" on repeat Lea singing it from time to time and me, dancing to it. This is bad. We plan to dance to that song for our upcoming family day on Feb 9. Hope ya'll can come to watch us. We haven't started practicing. Were dorks for songs like these

We finally got our official CAT-1 jackets only the officers have this jacket so yeah... brag brag brag. At first the fit seemed a bit weird since the pocket seemed to high up but I got used to the feel of the jacket. It was only the day after that I discovered all the 'usability' of the jacket, very cool indeed, I love it! It's comfy too, I wanted to wear it to the band screening this evening but I was in a hurry so yeah.

We officers are a tease aren't we?

CCBC Band screening (This afternoon)
After I hit the sack because I was so sleepy today I had to go to CCBC to film our school reps screening performances. It got me all worked up that I was more nervous than the performers. I must give propz to Walkvoid for their performance though it was a bit ... well they had sessionists to take over the originals so yeah I still have faith in their band. Past tense future perfect didn't fail to amuse me.

for me and Cheska.... "Yey we already have computer project~!"

I was once again reunited with my teaching fellows from the 07 Upgrade. They were pretty surprised by my change.. well this is my normal size XD hahaha LOL. I'll try to snag some pics from Kuya Kimpee when he posts those pictures. Haha Lea... who's panex?!!

I was pretty surprised with those who came to watch. Lea, Pat, MC, Vernadette, Mark and Gek, Paul & Kat, Vinson (Si dude! pumunta! Yey), Marco, and the third year boys who were with Turts. That's serious support man. I appreciate it even if I'm not the one performing. So happy I don't know why (maybe because Bernadette called kekeke).

Joko's Birthday Greeting.
It was just all in the timing. I want to give propz to DJ David for greeting Joko for me. I remember he said "from bestmariel Good morning! Please greet my classmate Joko a Happy Birthday. So Joko happy Birthday!". Nobody heard except me. It was 12:43 in the morning for the love of God! Who would be listening?!?! It was after I tuned into the Brewrats show. hahaha It was Sando party last night. I slept only this morning so now you have an idea of why I was sleepy during the journ congress. I was working on friend's insights actually kekeke.

Happy Buttday Joko. your such a dork

Ok kids... watch yourselves now


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