First part of the year and diseased

So far the year is just going ok. I've missed classes on the 3rd and the 4th mainly because I was lazy and I felt sick. Just today I was diagnosed with Bronchitis just four days after I consulted my doctor grampa on the 1st.

Ironic much? hear this

Greg made an attempt to make chocolate crinkles yesterday. Mind you he even ask me to help even if I was coughing, I warned him though. So I did safety precautions and got dressed as "Cooking Master Dude" (that's just me re-living the days I cooked my own fried chow-fan).

Unfortunately after we baked them they look nothing like crinkles but brownies (-_-'). Surprised, an undisclosed group of people who ate whatever we made said that it was good. So far I haven't heard of any complaints that they've got bronchitis too. ... 1 out of those poeple knew I made it along side.

stupid stupid stupid. I don't let it bother me much though, not my business exactly.

Its no walk in the park to get sick like I do. Now I have to take caution of the people who get near me. Or they're getting it. LITERALLY.

What will be new this year?
Only that fact that I have to rush all the things I need to finish all the school favors I need to get done. I heard that Kathy (Perlas) will be leaving soon. I'm planning of making something for her before she leaves but that's only if I have the time and I diligently put all my efforts in it. (I'll be making use of whatever that is even after she leaves anyway). I'm sure that I'll miss her.

Watching New Dramas:
Jo got me watching this. I was laughing when she said that Miguel was getting goosebumps from all the sweetness going on hahaha and it was.
Tatta Hitotsu no Koi (Just One Love)

so yeah as I got watching gah nice cast. Two KAT-TUN members. KAT-TUN OST (Boku wa machi de) the ooohh... YUTA! and Erika Toda. I'll leave out the leads... they get too much attention anyways. It's an ok drama (I'm in the middle, It's probably the thought of a very common story line that got me bored). Koki is so funny! He reminds me of a local comedian, I don't know his name.

KAT-TUN Cartoon
So I got engrossed with KAT-TUN Lately and so I started watching KAT-TUN Cartoon cartoon as well. Gee I feel sorry for Junno always getting kicked in the hiney by Koki for his cheezy intros.. He's cute!

the letter goes...

[Translated in English]


Good Evening. I enjoy your show every week.
By the way, Taguchi-kun gets kicked by Koki-kun
everytime he introduced the guest. I feel sorry
for him. Please don't do it any more.

- Junnosuke Taguchi
Then Kame was like when Maru read that it was from Junno. Koki apologizes to Junno.

Maru reasures Junno that he could now introduce the guest worry free. After he introduced the guest...fwooop. Koki fly-kicked Junno to the ground.

[it happens every episode. awww poor Junnosuke] Really Junno's a sweet young man. He reminds me of Max.

JUNO. That name, his name
Lately his name has been everywhere since I had him as trainee. I've been seeing his name everywhere! Dang it! that reminds me of the time when I had my literature test about greek gods' and goddesses' Roman name. I would have aced the test but I forgot Hera's Roman name... it was JUNO! OH MY GOD. I must have intentionally blocked his name out at that moment.

and I end this post.

Later Days

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