Cheska Takes us out

A typical Tuesday after school these were the happenings.... Cheska's mom drove us to

Ice Cream House
Sa may Banaue

Typical name too. Anywho we ordered two pizzas Dennis wanted that. I've learned that this was what Lea was waiting for since the past few days.

Because we couldn't commit to a set date only now.

So yeah, Bea was also with us. Joko didn't come along. No one ate his share. Whatever. I would have though.

Sadly my camera died. Now I have no batteries and I don't know where in the Philippines I can batteries for my camera. CURSES!!!! I don't have a camera till God knows when?!!! OMGAD! what about important events?!! RAWRS I have no no no camera.

I wanna die!... well of course it can be helped. Get me a camera or batteries will do!

true enough I still had a bit of Bronchitis in me. It's pretty illegal to devour this but it's a desperate call! I MUST I MUST I MUST.

So I ended up having a strawberry paradise for dessert. NYAM!

Marz, about to devour a 'strawberry paradise' even if she has bronchitis

And let's not forget to thank people too! Thanks to Cheska for treating us out today and for the pictures. Tita for driving us over.

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