Wasted Sunday

I don't know what I'd call myself I've always wanted to blog within this week but man, I'm stumped! I haven't again in this whole week. I don't want to wonder why but it's been one heck of another busy week and so will next week be.

Just so I won't get lost I have to remind myself to blog about these (next time)
The Week's Theme: I never really got to brag about it
Tuesday (12-11): Elem Christmas Program
Wednesday (12-12) [I think it was Wednesday]: 2nd year's performance for P.E. (gonna talk about one of the group's performance. Kpop invasion LEE HYORI.
Friday (12-14): Teacher's Day
Saturday (12-15): I HAD NUCKING SCHOOL! - and yes I have to rant about it
Sunday: TODAY
> Did some more Christmas shopping and I'm stumped! I give up! I don't know what to give Albie (Dalumpines) for Christmas this year! just because whatever it was that I was suppose to get was out-of-stock... demmet... bang bang bang. goes the ideas for gifts. I'll have to work something out

>Watched Cheska & Bea's (De Ocampo) performance @ CCBC. I saw Amy Perez... woot like that made my life any better. Though I was quite surprised to see her there. I'm not against it or anything like that. I'm actually happy (FOR THE FIRST TIME) I get to see an artist in a church.... yeah right like that doesn't happen in my church whenever I'm there :P

> Said 'Hi' to Ate Kai @ TriNoma but I guess she doesn't remember me... pfttt... no big I just 'nearly am' getting back to my original self. haaizzz.... I'll rant about it tomorrow. I gotta graduate for the night.

See ya kids!

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