sleepless week

Gah finally this week is over...

The week's theme is DO OR DIE week. Apparently I chose to DIE, The heck of a loser I am (-_-')
MONDAY> brought my Lit costume but didn't recite. Went to Villa Corina for Sir Chris' B-day party
TUESDAY> practice the kids for their play
WEDNESDAY> PRACTICE + Lit recital and I screwed up
THURSDAY> PRACTICE + PRACTICE + disappointment + did class decor
FRIDAY> Classroom decoration judging + PRACTICE + Sir Chris' make-up party
the classroom view from the back

TODAY (is SATURDAY)> PRACTICE@school + Trinoma w/ Friends

All through out this whole week I have not slept for 5 days and I wish I could tonight but I just get traumatized by just doing shut-eye.
Monday Craze
This week has got me all fired up for practice for the Elementary and lower level's practice for their Christmas play. Now I know what kind of crack Sir Emil has to work on every year. HO HO HO it's not my job nor am I obliged to do this. Luckily I feel very honored at the same time ticked off that I have to do this.

At the end of the day after anticipating a no-do Literature poem recital (to bait fish withall...) I found myself more excited about the party @ Villa Corina for Sir. It was a party alright and a very meaningful one yet there was more to follow when I least expected it.

Wednesday, Dude! I seriously wanted to die when I found out that I got the lowest grade on my Literature class but what the heck I still passed anyway so why bother mopping about it? It's not my fault. I haven't slept yet and mind you, I failed quite a number of quizzes meaning being in the honor roll is out of the question.... Mother will kill me.

Just in time Thursday.
I suppose the week is just going by really fast, its Friday tomorrow. We continued practice as usual and then we had our misunderstanding cleared. I even had to bother Johanna for something which I know wasn't the least bit convenient for either of us. Up to today I haven't bothered to say thank you or sorry, but its on my to do list. So yeah I had to work on a special video for Sir Chris you might find it on YouTube if you type in 'Sanlakas' and you happen to know what your looking for exactly. Which brings us to Friday.

Ahh that day. We brought Sir Chris to a secret location which is now a not-so-secret location anymore. Where we held a make-up party for him. The hard part was probably bringing him there blind-folded which the Villa Corina officers had to do. Everyone was thrilled to have Sir Chris blind-folded like that. So was I.

I was kind of surprised to what had happen to Kathy on Wednesday (which I only found out on Friday). She got sticked up in the jeep and almost lost her cellphone to a snatcher due to which... well you might not know how it goes down in Recto, Manila but tell you what, after the ordeal she just had a good laugh out of it because in the end her phone wasn't snatched. Mida (Armida Saspa)-Pocky who was them that day still came with them following day to get Sir Chris' gift as if nothing happened the previous day.

Lots of NUTS happened at the party, none the less it was just as fun as any other kind of party I would have gone to. I mean the CORPSE COMMANDER (who taught me that?) was washing the dishes, pictures of people's behinds, Myself being a retard, and wild cats in the partying mood (Yoh, Andrew, you have cool kats!).
and so please bear the fact that I am a sometimes a really retarded person.

Another day for purikura. Today is originally devoted for working on the ELEM play since the Drama cub is not in charge of the Prep-level anymore... so much for my waste and haste. We went to TriNoma anyway. Dude, I'm not ever going to wear my outfit again unless I feel like it... I look like dope ass emo. Do I look emo in this outfit? I say I don't but whenever I came across the real ones this morning... they'd think I'm a poser! which I'm not. ASS THEM!
camwhoring @ the purikura booth - they say I look emo, well then ass them!
That's not such a nice thing to say. Calling me emo and all that jazz. Well... PURIKURA TIME!
As usual it's on me again.
we couldn't fit in the picture XD. Along the way Albie and Mc were too busy taking pictures with Bernadette's new Exilim digicam. Quite surprised she got that brand but I'm not complaining. Whatever works, dude, I'm cool.
and at the end of the day it's Just Me, Bernadetteand Dennis
they really must have thought I was emo. XD Who's livin' la vida loca now, kids?

Later Days and take care of yourself.

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