Moonlight over euphoria

The plight to be remembered is already over... you've lost

Man this Christmas was sure full of what not. There were drunk men, men taking piss on the side, more drunk men, and less gifts.

Geez... so here I am with my glass of Baileys mind you my underage drinking happens once in a blue moon. Suppose man kind has forgotten what Christmas is really about, the Birth of Christ. Dude, and this crack is coming from me. I don't even understand my own religion forget the irony I'm not what they'd exactly call religious. I never call myself like that in the hu-ha days.

The Phone Call
Over Christmas eve I was at Pangasinan celebrating with the kids and this year's party was no walk in the park. I still have plan on going back on New Year though but whatever. I received a phone call after all the harassment. (Ye, believe it or not I was harassed by a drunk man in front of all the kids. I should have shoved my platform shoes up his arse) So I took the call.

Much to my amazement it was from 여종 He called because he was upset about my 1 year leave from work. I was touched by the thought of it. But he was even more dismayed when he found out that he was making a long-distance call. It didn't bother me kekeke so I suggested that we talk till Christmas (HAHA WHAT THE FHUECK!?). It was already 11:45 then so yeah. He wasn't the first to greet me Merry Christmas though.

and I didn't bother taking pictures.... there we're too many drunk men so I wasn't too much in the mood for that. Santa (The regular, from San Quintin) didn't make it. It makes me wonder where I can get my Santa costume. I want to be Santa for all the kids there.

The 4th Gathering
Before I left for Pangasinan Me, Bernadette, VeeJay, Lea, & Leody all took part of CassPH's 4Th Gathering. It was a fun event... for me it was I'm not quite sure about the others. And I also got goodies for coming. Haha it's times like these that I want to make fangirling a big issue. Pwahahaha.

Plans for MarzMusic
well I haven't been the most diligent when it comes to uploading. I've been thinking about converting MarzMusic into something like bww2. or so you might say I'm infringing copyright laws and what not. Don't get me wrong, It's merely for the sake of letting others download through my music archives. Which I think you won't understand.

Indulging in Dramas
Now is the time for me to finish my paper work I never to finish all review before I leave MarzoPop. Oh Dear~! PLUS TO ALL THE Dramas, comes a new series, It Started With A Kiss 2~ They Kiss Again.... so much for that bed scene.... it got me all worked up till I watched the episode.

My God! Even Jiro's getting me all worked up! Congratulations you guys! ;)

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