Illegal and I'm very jealous

Someone Stole My Kiss!!!!!
Hitting my eye kind of headlines... actually I just head from Jolo@YM. About that kiss.... It's times like this that I want to play the evil step mother, lock Cinderella in her room where she He can't lay a hand on my Prince! HeeChul totally pawn KyuHyun from meeeeh :(((

Mind you.... butt touching as well

That is SO GAY.... and I'm very VERY jealous.

Just because you won't that doesn't give you the right to make public kissy-kissy. At least not in front of the whole world!... DBSK should have won anyway

Missing GOAL: The News Concert
Dut dut dut.... I'm not allowed to watch the NEWS concert next year..... School night.

What on earth is Victor Basa doing up there? ^ tURN THE world 90 degrees and He will never be Ryo!

It's weird why I'm saying all of this. I should be busy with school work... I'm running

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