BraG about it Sunday

New week, new theme.

" Brag About it " good or bad, you just gotta "Brag about it" we'll see how far I can go. So I start now.

Brag about a fugly planner
I just got my Starbucks planner over coffee with Greg this evening. Mind you some kid from School saw me while I was having coffee. A grade six kid and I know his name! (let me tell you, I know his first name and I'll brag about it) Benedict. He's a part of the drama club yet I hardly hear from this kid.

and to go with that is my braggable victory pose

I'm starting to become a cam whore! this is bad.. .I'm wasting the camera battery.

Next week I'll be working hard to finish all my projects and work on whatever else magic I can put on the elem play. So I can BRAG ABOUT IT.

Great great PYRO
remember kids it's nearing December if your hearing BOOM BOOM it's not a terrorist. It's just your local malls trying to make a scene with their fireworks. (My current video project). coming soon. I got the best view at my house.

Great Music
DEPAPEPE back in the scene. I just got my share of their music today. God their music is LOVE. Though I'm not really a sucker for guitar music. You kids should check it out! It's not yet on marzmusic and I haven't committed my time for it yet.

Let's all work for a great week! :] See ya around, kids.

@Vinson: Advanced Happy Birthday Dude!

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