There's no one to be blamed

Yesterday, A notable day in the history of Stupidity and irrational-ism. Some stupid people called for a coup' yesterday, rammed, and took hostage of the Manila peninsula. I only knew LATE ENOUGH for classes not to be suspended anyway.

Suspension was not my issue it's just that I'm starting to see how OVER RATED those people are becoming. Is that the right example of peace liberation? I say HECK NO! I suppose it's about time to be hated for doing good rather than being liked biased to completely stupid.

But some people are just too nice to tolerate. I'm in that pool of weak kind of people. We know better than be OVER RATED at all... The ratings of ABS-CBN was probably hitting off the charts that this issue even manage to get world wide attention....

On second thought we're not so popular after all you can check CNN we're nowhere in the top of the headlines. They must have gone tired of hearing negative news about this joint I'm in. It's times like these that I feel most desperate for peace and order.

After all the drama (for tv) happened yesterday, we now have a 12a.m-5a.m. curfew. Marcos ' Matial Law days relived. I can't imagine how EDSA is like, empty. It would have been probably nice to go speeding on an empty highway road like that. KIDDING!

Another notable thing about yesterday was that, It's finally getting colder now-a-days I can live with the Air-con off. I hope the weather was always as nice as this.

Some off my mind
I'm still tired from my whole week and I got some sleep last night. I'm suppose to be finishing my school stuff today but I'm still exhausted from last weeks activities, whatever they were. I also got called off work since there was drama going on @ Makati. So today I continued watching Proposal Daisakusen to loosen up my head a bit

There's this new KDrama called I am Sam I've been hearing for awhile now. I also head that TOP plays a short role or something like that in the series. I don't know, you tell me. On the heavier side of the Kpop drama is that SuJu's DongHae is going to get married soon. and it doesn't seem like a rumor either

Class Picture taking- The Second time around
Somethings are better off the second time around like this one, for say.


this is a failure, I set my camera's timer on. Ok, forget about it! I thought it wouldn't take so I checked on it. Then CLICK... there goes


we are 4th year wisdom! *pun unintended* - Only goes to show that the second time it was definitely much better.

I was suppose to take several pics but then I didn't. Didn't have enough time. I stole some of Andrew's shots though. Its no different than my takes.

I just remembered what my major malfunction was thus, I'm giving it away to all the LOSERS who have plans of copying our ideas. Anyways were working on the painting for the back part of our room. I'd love to have this on my room wall something Me, Candy, Jo, and Lea was working on Yesterday.

Candy paints really well.. BTW I have to give credits to maria-koga for this lovely drawing.

I Am Still one of the greatest dorks in life. I took a picture of bulletin board in the lobby of our school. This time with eveyone else's work posted up.

That's all for now, Kids. Don't get disfunctional like my country is.

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