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Still there's still a hang-over or my 'lack-of-sleep' self. I haven't gotten a good night sleep since. I don't know what year. It's bad for me I want to grow TALL. So kids you should know better than me. Sleep in the afternoons and whenever else you can.

Other People's music
Another day to meet more fangirls. This time filipina fan girls who love DBSK. I haven't stopped talking about them yet I feel like I'm about to graduate. Except I doubt that's going to happen because I'm backing DBSK this time now that 윤호옵바 might be headed into the can. I can't image how it'll be like. Except for the hair part though, All that shmexy hair has got to go.

Kids, can you imagine a nearly-bald 희철? So much for your pretty face Cinderella

Geez Cinderell is prettier than me -_-'

Once again my schedule is jam packs this December. It's most likely I'll be spending it inside the house. How professional of me.

Got a substitute?
Someone threw in the mini digital cam in Lola Aida's luggage. I had to play with this mini cam to get it to work. Uncle Chris might have owned it or something. I got the pictures out so that I can use it. Right now Greg's out and it's with him -_-'. It's nothing special but it's cute having a small vid cam like that to carry around. It works like a cellphone camera. It's really neat. I suppose I stick to this for a bit fore' I get a canon Powershot

Has It!
Back in the days the evil queen would say "mirror mirror on the wall..." but now it's "Yo eight- answer!". I finally got myself a Magic 8 Ball. I'm almost near to completing my wishlist of toys. har har. It inspired me to take a picture of it. I like this shot, crisp colors and sharp. 2 MP baby!

Album of the day
Going along hand-in-hand with Artist od the day "Nana Kitade" thanks to Mike who got me hooked to her music. I got get latest album her 'Berry Berry Singles' a best albums.

Quick link
Just saw this. It's kinda cute but not exactly the best. I might be using the stuff there. Who knows.
Yamashita Tomohisa Glitter Images
More Yamashita Tomohisa at CelebrityGlitter.com

Dayumm I gotta run Mother wants to strangle me for staying up late :P

later kids!

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