It's About Time

Whoa I jut came back from checking out vids from Bernadette's multiply.... DBSK vids that is. Man nucking futs! DBSK w/ Tagalog subs. We're definitely getting somewhere. I wanna give thanks to the MarzoPop freaks from Philly.... we're going to the next level.

and I laughed like God knows what hearing this...

believe me I've been through that. I still might sound like that if ever. I'm about to die. I love these Filipina girls..... We're about to pawn Korean fangirls hahaha

another day of Asian Pop on my mind. Where am I going to take you guys this time?

A Week of gad- and what not
This weeks was an adventure, Starting the week of Corrs Light (advert not intended) and lunch with family from abroad. Coming to an end with picking up granny lola at the airport later tonight. Yep she's finally coming home though I'll miss the days she was on vacation. (KIDDING!)

I was looking forward to a great week and that's what I got. It's been a hassle at some parts and some peers might have found me the least bit of 'a good' in their lives. I'm such a nuisance now aren't I?

Monday> Intramurals life.... its all over for me!

~First time for me to meet my substitute teacher in AP & VE since Miss (Gaudia) Ramos is on pregnancy leave. So I noticed that Ate Blanca wasn't around either, she must be having a pregnance leave as well. Congratulations to the both of you, soon-to-be-mommies.

Anyways new substitute teacher Sir (Rowel) Buenaventura (SP?). I can sniff 'failure' going around near me. I need to floor the superiority complex on studying otherwise... I don't want to think about nothing else.
Attended dance classes @ the gym.. Was able to see Eddie Badeo in the flesh. NEAT-o

Tuesday> I just remembered I left the camera in my bag. What an unlikely thing. I made it just in time to take picture of the art projects selected to be on the bulletin board. dayuumm.... excuse me for being so narcissus but I'm really jealous of my project.

I was completely (just nearly actually) about to jump for joy when Noe said that my project was his lil' cousins' favorite. I wanted to give (whomever that was) a great big hug..... but I know that whomever that was would probably prefer something else. I'm most sincerely grateful of praise but I will definitely work harder to make people more ... I don't know the word for it but I suppose satisfied can be a good adjective to describe it. I want the kids to remember not only me but this great batch I will soon be graduating with

Wednesday> once again I forgot my camera in my bag... guess who was caught candid....

Don't think we're mistreating Luis. That's just the way we love him. And as how Rixie would put it down "Luis is Love" I'd like to prove her right . Thanks to Jose for taking the picture. Though I was to late to realize that it was blurry... haha what a great moment.
We finally got in the talks for working on the school play for the elementary kids

Thursday> Its Club day! Did voice & acting workshop. I have yet to adjust to working with kids on a school play. I don't want to blow in front of them. Though I complete forgot about the camera in my bag. dope myself. I did however catch the class going nuts after club time.

There was a lot of free time that day. We also moved in the library since the air-con in our room froze and we couldn't turn it on for the rest of the day. It was rather a lovely weather that day, so nice that Bernadette's classes were suspended while we were hoping for the same early that morning .

It's finally getting colder and I can do without the air-con at night. It feels so nice to be able to sleep now and proudly say, I love the Christmas season in the Philippines. It's only now I can say that after a long time. Thank god

Friday> One of my cadet's birthday CP/2L Saguiguit (Carlo Saguiguit) had a surprise party. I don't know was behind it but we definitely got him. Apparently much to my dismay as well as the others I didn't have my camera with me. I'm half a tad just as broken as my camera for missing such a great kodakan moment. I feel so Pinoy right now I want to go out for some quality time with my friends though I'm completely busy this weekend.

Release of report cards today. I finally get to see my report card after not being able to see it last quarter. Maaan I'm so happy. Someone owes me a reward for totaling my last quarter's math grade of 75 (YES I'm SERIOUS) though dad will kill me half way through it. I dunno make my day. scratch that... I just got told to do better next quarter. Must ACE ACE ACE. then die out later.

~Eventually I treated my brother for getting my card. I'm very contented but will definitely work harder. maan I could use some sleep! We also watched this really awesome movie.

What's the HOT FUZZ?
taking things a bit slower just to get my mind off the things I need to finish, I watched a movie. It just so happens Greg was watching HOT FUZZ. It's one heck of a movie. I really LOVED it. If I was a dork (which I am) I'd called it "THE MOST NUCCKING FUTS GREATEST MOVIE EVER!". Watch it! I'd love to write a review about this movie when I'm not so busy.

If you liked "Shaun of the dead" you'll definitely love this even more. It's the same guys but in a much better and smart-movie. It got me sitting on the edge of my seat!

that's it from me Kids. God is good and have a nucking-f good weekend.

later days kids

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