It looks like a Satur-date

Ah finally the weekends. Supposedly right now I should be busy with school work and the elementary school play stuff (which I was earlier today- that's why I went to school). It's been a seriously busy week and it will be even more, the following week.

Friday + CAT DAY. Held the riffle after all this time. I looked like bald crack again with the hairnet and attire. Work + Hostpital and had dinner with the family at Chinese resto @ Banawe. One of the remarkable dishes that evening was the minced pigeon... it still had the head, the wings PLUS the behind intact... talk about presentation, dead man.

Just in case you wonder why we have a whole blue wall behind us, it's for the classroom decorating contest. Not a lot of our classmates came in this Friday and it made miss president upset about the fact that we can't finish on time. DANG IT. Now we have to floor the work power. WISDOM POWER (if there is any). . Asian Food fest by the way, was pawned by the kids from Masbate. As much as I wished I was there, I wasn't and I'll just give much love to the kids who won.

Today is Satur-date
Me, Turts, and Vinson went out to the mall today. Mike & Cheska was suppose to come but something came up. The rest, I don't know I guess their all being the diligent students they are or something also came up with them. Don't know don't care.

So yeah, we went out supposedly to go shopping but unfortunately we couldn't find what we were looking for. After finding out that Cheska couldn't come we decided to eat since Turtal has been nagging about being hungry and stuff, just after we checked out a few stores. We ended up going resto-hopping and we first ate at this Japanese restaurant called Sizzling something (sorry mates, I forgot).

The food is きかい but it's OK I guess. I will do we didn't get food poisoning or anything like that, it was a good experience I had fun with exhaust fan and all.While we were eating I saw Karen pass by in front of the resto just in time to see me. And I waved at her like some crazy customer trying to get the waiters attention..... KIDDING! I just waved at her.

Lawlers! You can call it like that I didn't feel like playing but it was a nice day for photos, beyond my camera. We got some crazy prints done. Reminding myself (some people owe me money!)
Editing the pics was the fun part. We're really stupid when it comes to going about it.

And from my camera angle (clickie here!)

Killing A Bird with two stones (= /equals) ANIMAL TORTURE
then that would be like killing a bird with two stones!

And that would make it animal torture
One of our stupid conversations over coffee. We had Starbucks before I left. I still need to attend to school crack and work anyways so here I am at home. I'm glad I'm finished with work but there's still more to it.

All in all today's mall-ing with Turts and Vin was fun. I hope to get to hang out with them again next time.

Dude, can't you be any more so paranoid!?!

Happy Birthday Lola Mama!

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