I haven't doubted God

Today isn't our day

We lost today's basketball game, I felt pathetic and what more can you expect from the players themselves? Last night I wasn't able to sleep well knowing that I didn't have to get up as early as usual. Still I wasn't in condition to play a good game of table tennis which I screwed up in and eventually lost in. Oh yey for me~

It's a quite a shame to lose against a second year student but right now, that isn't that much of a loss. I still had fun the past few days playing anyway. The heat has gotten to me, I swear. I'm not in the mood to go to school tomorrow either but it's a complete pain and a loss if I didn't show up.

Getting sick of it
I won't say I didn't say so if anyone asks. After a well played game (4wisdom X 2Charity) in basketball though we lost I know most of the players we're bummed out. Most especially the officers as well. I can clearly see that we're going half-nuts or what not with our new responsibilities but I hope you can sort out your feelings when it comes to other things. I just hope you can because clearly it's EVIDENT that we're not doing our jobs well.

Some don't even know it, I don't have to say because you'll think I'm stepping over the authority to say so. If you find what I say offensive, then tell me I don't mind the flame but please. Let's work to get things to come out right. Ok?

I feel like I'm being disregarded of because I don't complain straight and it's because I put your (whomever it is I might talk or is talking to me) feelings into consideration. Don't think I'm dope just because I'm ass.. plt. and xht like that. I am Mariel also if you forgot, not just the ass.. half-faced what not whatever you thought.

Premonition of loss of sleep
Along side with me not being able to sleep well last night another thing went completely wrong. Atty. Saguisag and his wife met an accident this morning. Mrs. Dulce Saguisag has left this world sadly speaking. Lola might be suprised to find out about this when she comes back from Colorado. Anyway we're extending our most sincerst condolences to their family and a speedy recover to Attorney.

Rewarding the losers
Well pretty much all in all I am upset that we didn't make it to the finals just like that though we won two straight games yesterday, I had fun. Sure enough it's been a good week (though I haven't completely said why). In the end of the day the best reward any kid could probably want more than winning besides from losing is just a good rest. Just as I hope I could get one just now. I doubt I'm reporting in early tomorrow.

Oblivious to the schedule prepared for us at school. I just hope I'll have a good break-fast and pre-lunch or I'll go grumpy throughout the rest of the day.

intramural stuff is just not my thing, and I'm going to leave this school knowing I screwed up just because I lacked sleep

Just in time to read a group message from Sir Paul (Bahia)

The winning horse doesn't know why it runs a race. It runs because of the whip & pain. Life is a race~ If you are in pain, then clearly God wants you to win...
Though I think it's one of the most over used forwarded sms-ed messages around here lately. Ironically I said "God is good" yesterday after all the losses today I wanted to blame God because our secret weapon didn't work. I won't do that this time. It won't lead me anywhere anyway. I'll just let it pass and I have better things to attend to.

later days, kid-o...

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