Brain Freeze thanks to Pi

You read right. This time it's "Pi" nuff fan girling for Pi right now. I'll try not to rant about anything except maybe for the house chores I did awhile ago because I'm getting tired of ranting. I have to get a move on if someone else were to tell me.

Finally I'm so graduated from this elections pish-post. Good news bad news is that most of my friends won the elections (mainly those from west tri and that other place in Makati, Laguna, & Panga) . Aiiisshhh that's it man Game over. Ehp i almost forgot, the 'bad news'. I don't know who won at our place.

Yey! go miss ignorant. See who's the political activist now huh? (T_T). Yeah I get the point, thing is that I doubt that those who were running for office even had competition. I suppose if I ran for office. I'd be busy, so busy that I wouldn't have time to check these men out....

Oh dear, he I go again with the lists. ahahaha
pwahaha. You can't stop me.

just this afternoon did started to receive GMs from Albie and Dennis. Trying to win of 김재종 of DBSK. (I also graduated from him also because I love 오빠창민 more 사랑한다고오빠! But unfortunately he got stolen away from me (and he always was, all the time) This time by Bernadette. So I simply said "Leave 오빠준수 alone. He's mine!" har har who am I kidding 네?

The way Albie and Dennis fought over Hero was hilarious even got more comical when Bernadette joined in. Unfortunately my phone died and alas this kid has no mobile prepaid.

Oh yea I came across this when I was google-ing for a picture of Hero. Prolli the "Corean" pronunciation of google I think .

The greatest achievement over Halloween. I finally finished this drama. I'll be giving it a 4.3 out of 5 rating. Sadly it's time to part ways again with 傳一. You will be blessed and I will definitely look forward to more of his dramas. Which I don't know when.

Now I still have to finish Couple or Trouble and Proposal Daisakusen. Then I'll check out "LIFE" another Jdorama. But tomorrow I'll be out again before I can even think of watching or finishing reviews. I even have to add my final touches to my project in Filipino.

That's all for now I'll be hanging out at for the mean time just to kill time. Why don't you create an account there and see if you can really pick out the "BEST STUFF" (and people too)

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