Son of a beach: Our Mofokn Feildtrip

Choosing the right kind of adventure for these kids... The school did o.k. I wouldn't complain since it my last year so I might as well make the most of it even if we weren't allowed to fool around. It's true no funny business this time just clean fun.

Subic's The Place
After several years of coming to and fro in Subic, there are still some place I haven't gone to like the Historical center or the museum. Those place were all new to me. The best parts of the trip was whenever I went crazy to my hearts desire. I kept screaming "HOOO~" at whomever would come across me. I'd have to show face to the young-ins on the next school event. SAVE 'guan xi' I should say but 'nuff said. Those silly courtesy stuff doesn't seem like me anyway.

No fooling around
Man I ended up missing the Gay man after the trip. THATS SO FRIGGIN GAY~! Reality bites that I have to miss someone irrelevant such as that man. DAMNITDAMNITDAMNIT
So kids if you find yourself liking someone. It's ok as along as you don't hurt anyone most especially yourself. Don't be like me, I'm pathetic like this. Ed called last night and me realized that I should be tied down because of him. I know that already but the more he reminds me... The more I want to take care of the Gay Man which I promised myself I won't because it's a waste of my time and nothing good will happen.

Damn camera
the foolish camera I brought with me had already dying batteries & lens malfunction making auto shots fugly. Gaah forget it, I'll do something about it later anyway.

The kids along side
Finally my FURS and I got some decent group pics we couldn't get in the city. Yet most of the one I got on my cam isn't the best I'd prolli ask a copy of the nice ones later from Cess. Haha I laughed when I saw this one. I suddenly remembered that I want to strangle someone . Dennis' shirt is the bomb!

Lovely Roommates
Who would have thought I'd be in the same room as Mrs. Mangahas. I'd laugh at the thought that she's a fun roommate... This is coming from me, a student who fears teachers <<SOME>> ye I don't have enough 'guan xi' to show so you should have an idea. What kept our interesting was that you could always expect to have neighboring friends coming over every once in a while. So there's no drama.

Sanlakas powers
I've been talking about these guys ever since I got sick this March. It's about time I put up a pic of these awesome mates of mine who did their time ahead of me. These guys make me feel good I joined the organization. Oh boy do I looove love you guys, thanks for waiting for me. Sanlakas 07-08.

(Candid shot)

Secret Party
I guess my classmates didn't know or forgot whose Birthday it was last Nov. 5.... it's no one else but.... Simon태허시, 촉셍일함니다! Even if the weather is bad may you have good one anyway.

Bad weather @ The beach
before we left for the field trip the weather was rather unpleasant making it hard for us to get around but God is good. The rain would stop whenever we'd get down of the bus and do our business.
The only thing keeping me busy at beach was may iPod keke but not for long! I accidentally dropped it btw. HAHA sand got into the usb port but it's not the big of a deal because it's still working like it's brand new. After dropping my iPod I thought I didn't want to was my time listening to music, I could do that else where but not here. So I went crazy... I never thought that my umbrella would be useful in times like these. THANKS to my UMBRELLA! (and umbrella boy)

It even rained while we were at the beach! It didn't bother us much though only when it was snack time and the kids were looking for a dry place to eat at. I ended up eating under a wet hut. Chaaaaam but it's aight, sea water made the food better.

Welps I guess that enough babbling for now. The weather isn't any better today.... Geez I hope they'd call out classes. OR NOT. Exams are coming soon and I need to take my studies seriously.

Stay well kids and don't get dengue. It's in season.


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