Marz V.S. Politics

Excuse me for the language...

DAMNITDAMNITDAMNIT! FCUK(is band) THIS FRIGGIN' REPUBLIC! I don't know what the those set of dimwits we're thinking blowing up a damn mall just yesterday. Why the Republic didn't care about the victims and simply threw 'aimless accusations' obviously using it as an excuse not to pay attention to the crap going on in the Palace.

In school I learned...

the difference of

My teacher told me HOPE is for something you know might happen - WISH is for something impossible. am I suppose to WISH for a little peace in politics? Come to think about it, Politics is even dirtier than claiming a job as a janitor or garbage collector.

Unless these people prove me otherwise. I have noting against politicians, I just hate the way some people take advantage of the power and shit like that. You think it's fun making money like stupid ass all day long?

SK Elections
Another hell week of weird campaign songs and random songs to be played in the streets. Can't they just shove it up their asses? Or for the love of God, if they cared they why didn't they hold a meeting instead. Those who are interested would come. Damn it~ I don't get the point. Why vote for leaders who you know will screw up eventually? AKA VOTE WISELY

On the lighter note
I'm pretty happy with the outcome of my art project. I did it in the thought that I would prove to Sir Emil that I do hate doing projects and this is the first and the last time I going to to this.
Sadly he abruptly left the school for some disclosed reasons that I'm not so sure of yet. But if you'd like to tell me, be my guest.


Mari X Cupcake

the cupcake that took the longest to bake

Can my life be any more stupid-er?

I'll catch you kids later. I hope those suckers repent. If they want to have peace of mind for what they did.

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Qui said...

Marz is an political activist? LoL. Actually Juno's cake isn't all that bad. Poor you, so have you decided who to vote?