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Haaiz... just thinking about it I forgot to blog a few days ago how my "nerd appreciation week" went. Welps, It wasn't pretty it was fun but didn't exactly go as planned. I ended up beating the crap out of the nerds and having about 3% laughs with them... -> All in one week (*_*)
Maybe next time I should just stick to the theme (-_-')

Will be back to vote
Ahrg, tis' what I hate about my friggin' schedule you think it's fun going from place to place just because. AIYOOOH!!!! Monday is the day. TO VOTE. Jesus I hate this
campaign stuff.

Later in the week after I made my last post about me vs politics, I found out that 5 of my friends are running for SK. Uhhhhgg..... It made me look like some political protagonist which is so not I.

Luis: "Enter The Kwarto"
I've just finished this just yesterday when I got bored at home. Taping is finished! I don't have a major role so yeah. I'm done for this season maybe we do an early taping for next season which is kinda nice, come to think of it (^_^). Here's another one of my video parodies. HAHA laugh your butts of. (if you think it's funny)

That's it for now I wanna go out and shop

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