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Dayuumm.... It's been one heck of a crazy week but luckily it's long weekend this week and I got most of school work done. Haizzz.... What made it crazy was the dramas I was watching. I'm on hold with the DJ-ing and back in acting since the start of month. That is so if you didn't notice the new hair. kekeke

Dramas I've been watching and up to what episode I'm at:
  • X-Family: Ep 1 (not too happy with it)
  • Romantic Princess: Ep 2 (Eww...Calvin)
  • Why Why Love: Ep 14 (Why Why Mike?!!!)
  • First Kiss: FINISHED
  • Couple or Trouble: Ep 2
  • Nodame Cantabile: Epi 10 (Chiaki-kun looks drop dead gor- like Keita Tachibana)
  • Kurosagi: Epi 5 (I'm finishing it only now)
  • If In Love Like Them: FINISHED
Now wasn't that crazy? Believe it or not that was all happening last week. This coming week is NERD APPRECIATION WEEK for me. Wherein I become the nerd and I'll make the nerd my 'gods'. Sounds crazy? we'll see how I'll live through this week.

as first amendment of Marz being a nerd. I shall begin with making lists. Yes, lists are the things I like as a nerd. Here's my first (don't included the one I gave earlier).

My Impossible wish list:
  • Be trapped in the JE office with all the HAWT sempais
  • Sing "A whole new world" with KyuHyun (My A-dorkable boi)
  • Make Hiraoka Yuta stand beside Shin Hye Sung and shout "LOOK EVERYONE! TWINS!"
  • Dance to Shin Hye Sung's version of Sarang Surowo
  • Make Shin Dong give me a piggy back ride
  • Poke fun on KingOne for looking like the "Gay Man"
  • Make Se7en my Daddy
  • Make Se7en my brother
  • Make Se7en my husband if the last two mentioned won't happen
  • Speak to Yamapi only using "kon"
  • Go to haunted house with Yamamoto Yusuke-kun
I guess that would be all.

Super Junior SCIENCE
Lately there has been news about YeSung oppa of Super Junior complaining that he's the least recognized member in the group on MC Mong's Radio Show some time last week. I simply said "aww that's not true! KyuHyun is!!! that's why he's my dorkeee boi!"

So ladies and gents! (doubt there are any) Let's make it clear to everyone.

Super Junior 101 with Dorky Marz
key points on remembering a 13 membered boy band called Super Junior PUN INTENDED

  • YeSung 예송 - The member who claims to be the least appreciated (NOW HE'S FIRST IN THE LIST! Dig that!)
  • KyuHyun - The last member of Super Junior. a.k.a. 13th member
  • HeeChul - a.k.a. Cinderella (Not snow white!) Can be easily distinguished for his girly appearance; He's a radio show host (keke like me? :P)
  • DongHae - regarded as the 'cutest' in the group; Great at break dancing; appears in BoA's Key of Heart MV
  • RyeoWook - No comment, He should have been in YeSung's Place instead KIDDING! He's a part of SuJu K.R.Y. (Stands for KyuHyun, RyeoWook, Yesung)
  • KiBum - one of the popular members of SuJu because of his good looks
  • SiWon - One of the popular members in the group; Well know for his "hot" looks; He appears in the Timeless MV of Jang Ri In
  • Hang Kyung- Along with SiWon he also appears in Timeless
  • Shin Dong - no offence but he's the "big guy" in the group (But I love him that way!~ So Cute!)
  • KangIn - The only member who doesn't appear in the "U" MV; He's the one who got a skin head for their Don't Don MV
  • EeTuk - Super Junior's leader
  • SungMin - Plays the KangIn's mom in their Goong Parody
  • EunHyuk - for some reason he was given the nick name "Monkey" (I have no idea why)

From Left to right top to bottom: YeSung, SungMin, Ki Bum, HeeChul, Dong Hae, EunHyuk, KangIn, RyeoWook, SiWon, HanKyun, EeTuk, & ShinDong (missing: KyuHyun~ His picture is in my first nerd-me list, trust me he does'nt look that nerdy when I'm not)

Hope that cleared up something with everyone. I'm out (^0^)


Fallout Girl said...

nice list..!!


korinaiken said...

kim ki bum! YUM!~ ;)