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You can walk away anytime now.
I found out that your not the same person I said I loved.
I asked you, I got the answer I wanted but I was
disappointed that I did love you after all
even up to now.

You can walk funny and I won't care or laugh. I'm going to find the old
you, bring him back before I completely lose you. Lose to you

Don't say that I' am selfish because I always keep on trying to pursue you. I don't know exactly why I choose to let you love someone else. Yet you tell me I was ALMOST that kind of person you would choose to love. (Why choose me? I'll just disappoint you)

I know that, but I choose not to show you the "me" that you have always wanted to be with.

I've already welcomed you to my heart

that should be enough

Another random letter/ poem I got in the mail from someone. Dayuum I really feel sorry for this kid. I hope she finds her happiness soon.

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Madelaine M. Jordan said...

hi Marie
si madel to how are you, i shutdown my xanga and am in bloger now too, add me okay and I will add you take care