The incoming season

Haooooooo lah!!!! It's the -ber months already! 2007 is going by really fast and now all I want is peace of mind that I'm not going to ruin myself.

I know, I am already. I get a nearly-passing card grade for the first quarter and I don't know how to go about it. I was about to shoot myself awhile ago with more problems but I thought to myself. I'd be just even more pathetic if I did that. So let alone school for a bit. I am suppose to be studying for my college entrance exams.

I'm not all that excited for college, I don't mind going through hell -high school all over again if my dad allows me to study abroad. I can wait that long unless they agree to let me take up criminology. Or is there's a kind soul out their who wants to sponsor me :}. WHATEVER!

Stupid gay man
I haven't cleared things with myself, but one thing is for sure. I really loathe this man. So someone else knew that this person isn't having all that much fun. Actually I'm always happy when I see this guy down. And lately I've been more than just happy. Go connect the dots.
Thing is, I still want to see this guy in more pain.

No, I'm jealous. In fact I've convinced myself this one thing about the gay man

"I choose to love you in silence for in there I find no rejection"

that was only a part of the whole lot. The other part of it I'd rather not say because its not true or applicable to this person.

Something from Tita Melanie
I got the book I wanted from Tita Melanie just yesterday in the mail (I had to pick it up myself @ the post office). I say much love and Propz to Tita Melanie. She also added another book called "Young People Ask", I wanted to laugh at first but I need to get back to using my brain cells before I say anything else stupid.

Missing out on a forte
I used to love doing what I used to do in school. Now, I just want to do things for the heck of .. well it's just that I don't feel the drive to do so anymore. I blame the gay man. It's his fault. He makes me sick at the same time he's the same person who makes me smile in the most unexpected ways.

Remembering FD (foundation day) God! why did that have to happen. I guess its really is his fault why this happened and yet I can't find the reason or the means to ask him to stop.

fine, if he treats me coldly. I'll continue to do the same so I'll just forget about it anyway. I mean who would want to remember such an unfortunate thing such as that. Let me just remind him ( I HOPE I CAN) that he was also one of the greatest losers I have ever come across in my life.

(OK OK I'll stop blaming the poor kid now)

I just don't like the way that he is. It's because I can't get things done right anymore. I'm always thinking of a second option. Which is always available for people who find ways to make one.

School Blues 07
It's only the beggining of the 2nd quarter @ school. You can say time goes by fast but not school isn't a part of it. We're supposed to be doing this Musical play and in 4 days time We need to get it right. I doubt I'll be around MarzoPop for awhile if this is the case. BUT since it is. dayuuummm you know what's happening then.

I watched a play yesterday @ SM. School requirement. We watched Villa Theatro's rendition of "El Filibusterismo". I say 150PHP was worth the handsome cast! PWAHAHAHAHA. I would have fallen asleep through it if only the lead actor (The dude, playing Basilio) didn't sit in front of us. We we're seated near the stage so every time 'Basilio' didn't have to show up on the stage, he'd sit in the front row (since it was empty)...

GAAAH I remembered clearly that the girls seated behind my row we're squealing that the actor was seating in front of us. God he is cute! I could say that again!~. Dayuumm while my female batch mates who were seated in front took the chance to take pictures of him with their mobile phone.

I'm giving all the props to Princess Ryan. I think she saved the show with her... rather quite sensual skit. I dunno maaan. Two of my classmates (Dennis and Eduardo) we're gagging by the time we got back to school; One of em Even had a nosebleed (Reing Jeong)! (LooL I'm just saying someone did! don't bite if you like Princess Ryan -kekeke)

so I should end my stupidity here. I should stop arguing with myself. I'm getting nowhere.

Later days

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