We're looking into it: REVOLT

Hi-ho... this is going to be just for the heck of it being Marz' rambling to society.

*Kids, don't stay out to late. Your parents might worry.
-So yeah they'll call you. pester you and make you feel like crap sometimes when they don't allow you to hang out with friends out late. Think about it, you could hurt yourself if you stay out... Miss out on sleep (and if you short, your missing out on your 'growth time')

*Kids, don't think that your not all that good looking and go for plastic surgury
-So what if you don't like your nose / eyes/ ears/ teeth. When you decided to get it fixed... HECK! you'll be bombarded with "Oh but I liked the way it used to be" or "you got PS, your a fake!"

*Kids, don't spend your money on things that you don't need
-If the money's not yours, don't dare. If you want something badly, work for it. While your at it you might ask yourself "is it really worth it?"

*Don't be in a hurry to grow up
-Come on! you don't want to be like that granny old lady dressing up like she's 20 something or that 19-year old neighbor of yours who dresses up like she's 7 or something like that. Your only a kid once

*Be dissappointed now, be happy in a bit
-So what if reality bites? "who cares?" right? I'm not here to mess up your religion but the more you smile at your problems... the more annoyed the problem becomes it just eventually goes away you wouldn't even notice!

*Be a nobody but not forever
-No one knows what we'll be like in the future. Sure it's O.K. to make mistakes but we'll just get tired of making the same mistakes over and over. We'll be good at whatever if we set our hearts to it.


but for Marz well I've lived a quarter of my nearly screwed up life to share with you. I'd love to complain but that's just talk and talk is cheap. I need the action. I've been called stupid, arrogant, useless, name it... I was probably called that once or maybe even 'not yet'. Can I be more ironic?

Tell me, have you seen someone die in front of you? Die like you know that person was going to go even before you see them 'go'? - What I saw this morning it doesn't matter. I have yet to see the most ironic. I have only wished that I don't know what I already know and just re-learn it again the right time.

For me, right now it's ok to be disappointed that I can't like / have a relationship with the person I want to. Not because that person doesn't know but it's because I choose not to love that person anymore. I just had to set my mind to it and poof. It happened like that.

It feels good to actually have accomplished something as simple as this, though today wasn't exactly the most sunniest day in my life. Dreams are not for me or so I think it's like that. I cannot live expecting something will come up to me. I know I want something / someone... it's out there and I'm gonna pawn it when I find out what it is.

this I may not be able to realize anymore in the future that's why I'm putting it into writing. With the hopeful thinking that I can do 'something' I'm not quite sure what yet. I could start with myself but me being lazy and all, it can't possibly happen over-night.

To whomever is going to read this lame post for the evening, congratulations you've made it this far as to even having the slightest intention of reading this or my blog in that fact. You- may never read writing like this from me in a long time.

GOODBYE August 19, 2007 . I'll fall asleep knowing that there's someone who might be able to read this.

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