Kicks for kids

Hey kids. How's the weather out there? here in Philly.. Ionno mates but it seems like we're
nearing state of calamity coz of water shortage but
GOD IS GOOD. A good buddy 'Dodong' passed by to water the plants for everyone... Geez! alrighty then, it's raining and classes we're canceled. So much for the perks for coming to school early SCREW LATE

I called it "Screw up
someone's' week day
" 08.06.07

The only persons' week I screwed up so far was mine . I thought I got rid of the friggin' gay man for good this time but eehp.... it can't be helped it's getting more and more stupid and redundant every time I tried. I know he knows we're wasting each others' time, why do I even bother?

Marz went missing?!
A: No kids, I was blogging @ Marz of The World. If ya like more contrary and can read Chinese Japanese or Korean..
gimme a visit there

Small scale players: For those who like Initial D
Word! Initial D Version 4 machine is out! Now I've got to figure out how to get my hands on this

Propz to the kids @ GAME WATCH for the photo.

and crap school again I'm bombarded with loads of stuff to finish.

anyhows guess who won 'Cereal Lover of The Month' for cerealicious?!!?!kekeke whoever that is
She's planning on treating some of her mates for something cerealicious -let's not discuss the perks but I'm doing you guys a favor.

BUSY whole August
It's Fur ANNIVERSARY MONTH, BERNADETTE C.'s sexxi buttdai, Took my UPCAT (last Saturday)... lotsa stuff happening this month actually.

No phone, gadgets, bags ALLOWED
No amount of money (maybe except for the forms I had to pay for) could amount to an experience of taking an entrance exam. For me the
UPCAT didn't seem all that prestigious as I thought it'd be, so far I had a fun time taking this test.

Let me elaborate.

SATURDAY 0804H- I wake up without any help of an alarm "Wheee~" I say "can't wait to procrastinate this day!... oh wait it's my UPCAT today dayuuummm"

0900H- Finished doing morning rituals + breakfast ... A good breakfast, rice and a sunny side up egg. Mind you- I don't eat rice as much as I used to (In fact I'm not supposed to eat this stuff) but yeah.

1000H- I was already to leave for UP but mum said I might be too early. I reviewed whatever I could review again

11:04H- sms.ed Bernadette C. that I was still at home procrastinating my happee butt out

11:30H- had a hurried lunch mum RUSHED me out + Dad panic-ing + Marz oblivious (dude, I dun mind being late kekeke)

12:04H- Uh oh traffic PLUS more traffic at the University entrance... not a good sign. Dad panic driving @ campus. WOOT!!! ROAD RAMPAGE PRONE!
12:25H- arrived at the nearest avenue to my test center. Dad tells me "Can you run?"

"What? uh yeah. I dun mind"

"OK, wait till the cars beside you stop moving"

"we're in traffic, mate, no cars moving. DOI ok ok"

I open the door-

"ok, go!" Dad's last words for me before the test.
Marz gets out of the car and thinks for a bit if she should run *stretch
stretch* ... "Ok, I'm running!". Runs for first few meters *pant pant* Sees a stray dog uhh.. yeah right like that's happening I have no friggin' TIME! *kicks dog and runs again* Kidding! I can't do that o'course.

12:27H- Marz time in @ NIGS test center, sees lots of people at the
front of the place. *Goes in* dang it! I even was first in line of the group of
people I was taking the test with! eeehpp...

note to self: don't ride in vehicles with panic-ing people

12:31H- took a 5 hour long test.

Haha I must say I enjoyed taking that test. I also liked the instruction manual it had
Jerry Yan on the cover ahaha LOL. If you guys wanna know what kind of preparations I did
and what the kids from QNFC gave to me before the test you can read all of that in my
Marz of the World Blog but it's in Chinese so... go figure.

Pretty long for a come back eh? welps I've got some work to do and a lot more of crap to finish.

Later days, mates!


Fallout Girl said...

nice graph... lol. =)

Marz said...

(^o^) hohohoho... side effects of UPCAT lah

Anonymous said...

manual design, glad u liked it :)

ettedanreb16 said...

haha. i was like uhh when i saw jerry yan on the cover. animated pa ata. haha.