issha-issue, mate

aiiisshh..... If last times' issh-(issue) was about late announcements about no classes, this time it's weather I'm in the mood to have rainy weathers or not.

I told myself last Sunday... maybe this week's theme would be "nostalgic week" dannggit! heck no! i don't like nostalgic weeks. Everything is so slow and boring so I countered it with a "PREPPY-MARZ" attitude at school.... dang.

I ended up screwing up my week even more! (<_<) (because "the gay" man said that He liked it when rained) DAANG... that totally pissed me off... for some reason that I don't know why I'm so ALLERGIC to him now. I just want to get rid of him! ERRR...

NANA 2 - Approach. FINISHED!
within yesterday's time frame I finished watching NANA2... dayuummm Oh great this I must write a review for. I didn't enjoy it as much as I did with NANA 1. It's a watch for the sake of saying there was a part 2

Hello, Screamo EPI 7
---I should blog this one at Marz of the world but naaaah. I got to preview a bit of this episode.. keke it all adds up. There is most likely going to be a season 2 for this. well whatevers. Who cares right? no one has access to the MPOP channel here in Philly so why even bother watching Marz Ren? wooot.. *hint hint*

here ye here ye. Marz and her troubles. Yesterday since class was dismissed early and because we we're "RELEASED" early after a LATE announcement that there is no school. (Yeah if didn't mention that earlier- yesterday classes was called out due to the weather just like last time)
I had some awful stomach? ( i don't know if it's my stomach actually) pains. Not because of eating but doc said it was caused by over-working, staying up late and such.

Why only now? I asked doc about it she said that it differs from person to person and that I had it bad but I was lucky that I didn't pass out because of it.

At first I was scared because it didn't feel normal that I had this weird stomach pains starting Monday then Tuesday and Wednesday as well. Really odd but the doc said I needed rest but I don't have that kind of time (>_<). She also recommended that I shouldn't get depressed or sad or too happy (happy in the sense that I'll increase my heart rate) because it can be bad for me. Garrrh.... confusing state of mind? heck no! I'll live my life as how I want it. That's what doctors are for... to cure you. Now kids. If you mums and dads don't know, you need to tell them. As of for me, they're both busy keeping the family together so let's not bother them ok? (^_^)

pwahahahaha.... I don't know why but this drama seems to be the the perfect example of what I call a fairytale YET the plot seems less over rated. The leads don't immediately fall in love with each other like some TWDramas I know of... kekeke. KingOne looks like.... the gay man... PWAHHAHAHAHA but even if Kingone looks like him... At least I'm allowed to like him. Not like the gay man. He's so gay... euuhhhgg... he said something displeasing the other day that seriously made me want to gag. 傳一,愛你! LOOOOL

that goes the same for his sexy EP / Single "Love KingOne" (that's English mates!) gaaah... I think I should seriously check out Comic Boyz now... but that's just me being over rated isn't it? LOOL

This is what I'd call love at first note! lolz. But I did like him back in Devil Beside You. even there he looked shmexy.... gaaah that also reminds me he was also in Silence... total DUDE. I loved him there the most...coz it made me forget how much older he is than me... kekekeke Jiro Ge, forgive me this time but I am a fan of him too! I'll watch X-Family soon. I heard R Chord and you are singging lalalalalala! must watch then!

<< His album art in my Ipod still gets me giddy....

but I say "Save a horse, ride a cowboy"

what do you say kids? ;)

Later days!

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ettedanreb16 said...

was kingone on silence? i did not know that. =))

aishh. iyong iyo na yan!ü