liking you is invariable

Dear ____,

If by this time you already know that I was meaning to tell you. Let you know at least that I liked you, a lot, at some point. I really want to forget though I constantly confuse myself whether I still like you or not . I had a seriously had a hard time convincing myself that I don't like you (but your making it hard for me).

I'm writing to let you know, just now that I missed you and just this once wished that I could have told you this personally. I remember too many things about you all the time that's why I have a hard time TRYING to forget you.

I hope you understand the position I'm in. Because we are friends and friends understand friends. I'm not asking you to change for me I never demanded you to like me in return anyway.

Just respect the fact that it was. It's my fault anyway


ED.ceee said...

I'm guessing that's not me your talking about eh まリ? :P Aren't you s'pose to be at someone's wedding today?

Holla at J for me it's his day tomorrow right? thanks for the propz and the love. U deserve lots a love too. I bet it's not comming from me lah! XD. PEACE まリ hold ya latta

Marz said...

Your a dork Ed, that's why. It's not for you! RAWR go buy a donut or something <_<

ED.ceee said...

まリ,まリ,まリ.... U missed me right? XD. I know your going out with ur RC BOI, that's prolli for him. Yeah, just go dump him! kekeke good luck with ya AI-LIFE

Marz said...

To whomever else reading this post: Please don't bother reading Ed's comments. He's a jobless man who asks for quarters from people so he can buy himself donuts :P

@ ED: shouldn't you be busy talking to V? SHOO!

Toshoi said...

hmm... I wonder. Who was it with four letters in his name. Who's the RC guy ?

Marz said...

@ Toshoi: I meant to put four blanks there. I'm not giving hints easy. If you knew who this was then... well you wouldn't ask! doi?! XD!!!

Who's the RC guy ?
RC- He's Steven's younger brother Ryan.

He'd freak if something like this came from me. You gotta be kidding me if you think it's RC kekeke

Qin said...

Pull yourself together Marzie! 加油!~ 如果你喜歡他,然後告訴他.

Qin said...

我覺得對不起你,你真的很喜歡他,但不能告訴他 :(