72 Hours of work and play

Whaddup kiddies, I just got back from Palawan. Why? VACATION. After all those
crazy days I did intend to miss on whatever means... WHATEVER. I don't give
nothing about a horse with no name or crap that flew along with DAYUM..... so
the day goes on without Marz in "Who so ever's" life and why do I still
bother telling you anyway?


Cutting the drama short-er. I had to fly to Palawan for some Q.Time with fam-friends and their relatives. Propz Propz for to El Nido resort for totally pawning Boracay :P

I finally had a short vacation I've always wanted after all this time. I get to spend Q.time PLUS learn a few more tricks of the trade.

check out this weekend's ride :P

There's no place like El Nido.... (Repeat and fade out)

that's it, I
have to get back to t.time so my mates can send me back to HORROR LAND once


EDceee said...

Bring me there too next time! HAHA. No, didn't see u. What corner did you hide at this time?

Marz said...

@ ED: was @ the DONUT SHOP (<_<). Go if you want to. I asked Ericz to give you the CD. Nite nite china man! I gotta skip n' thanks for coming last Friday, I SAW yoooooh!