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你好kiddies! 你們"琪恩"是回來不久. 哈哈哈!!!!! so act like U know

I was browsing from the MarzoPop forums and guess what I read...
"where's Queen N? I thought she returned to DJ just last month, How come we don't see her on MarzoPop HK TV anymore? wasn't she suppose to guest in Sama-sama show? can anyone tell me whats going on!!!! (>_<)"
人 @ MarzoPop 為尋求我... waa~哈哈哈 I feel so loved. I wished I could make a comeback just so soon but I'm busy with my senior year of school. 無後顧之憂will be back soon.

Depressing reality
I used to think that I knew my stand in life between friends and responsibility. I've gone sick of hearing and seing things I should have expected or knew ahead of time. There is something I don't know and probably will miss FOR GOOD.

That something has taken away the people I once knew. A lot of things I thought I knew are now gone. I suddenly want to quit and leave the thing I have a strong hold on. It's not a man I'm talking about but SOMETHING that took away what I once knew and thought that I could keep for the time-being but it came to soon. I cannot do anything anymore.

MY MISTAKE-> I let that something take my principles in what I thought were the same principles that I stood for. DISGRACE, is out of the question for now I will live in the darkness once again. Goodbye my 'friends' I no longer know you.

I hope that with that same SOMETHING I will get to know you all again. Unless time changes my opinion on this SOMETHING.

why ask about it? just ACT LIKE U KNOW

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