What was summer 07?

Hey kids! I'm FINALLY going back to the can. YES it's true. Except it's my mates whose gonna grill me. Mum doubts I can handle tomorrow's training. I have nothing to add to that if she's going against me going back in the can. What are mums for if they don't do that eh?

Cosplay Idol: Jin Joson
I was watching MYX with Albie and Cess at my place the other day. Guess who was in MYMP's music video?
"omg, it's Jin!" "OMG, is that Jin?" "Oh gaaah! it's really Jin!"

and Albie was
Tumahimik ka na. please lang

For those who wanna see Jin in action and those who wanna give MYMP's music a try here's a link to the video. >>>YOUTUBE LINK<<<

gahh don't get any weird ideas... I meant this JIN

*dies out* Don't worry Jin fans... I'm not gonna ask him to marry mebecause

wheee 旬~旬

Missed summer, totally
I've been so repetitive about me not having vacation yet. I got another Inernational Baccalaureate course at 서강대학교 even if I'm still with YCIS-HK. MarzoPop was serious about me learning the language what was language without the culture as they say. I'm still working on that irregular IB course with YCIS it's troubling me because of all the paper work it'll cause when I apply for college. I doubt I'll even get to finish any of my IB courses before I finish my senior year in High school.

I can't continue my IB just so soon because I'll be busy with work + CAT training and school within the next few days..... じゃあ I can only およばずながら .... WOOT NEW term for the day!

じゃあ I gotta get going early. I have to report early tomorrow.

TO WORLD: My mates are finally gonna grill me for missing out on my 'can' days are school

好睡, 잘 주무세요, グッドナイト, magandang gabi sa inyong lahat

Language coach:
Official blog? post in any language, by all means. DON'T TRANSLATE IT IN ENGLISH!

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korinaiken said...

its Oguri Shun! haha. Jin is so gorgeous!;)