They're getting married

welps. since they are getting married I can only wish them the best...

こころぼそい じぶん ... じゃあ~

you'd be pretty smart if you knew what I'm jotting down. いちもくりょうぜん! YE!

Iko & Chui @ Thursday:
"We're getting married, your invited as the guest of honor"

Me: *Drop dead*

XiaoPan & Paul @ Friday:
"you are cordially invited..."
Me: what a coincidence, that's what those guys told me 2 days ago.

Erwin and Gao Xin @ 2 days ago:
"mum would have wanted this... Please come to our wedding Marz!"

Me: ...

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Iko said...

You are going to the wedding right? :P. Chui's gonna bash you if you don't. So will I haha!