Sunday ノ マリエル


Yippie ^_^ にちよう. Today I learned how to SPELL my name properly -in Japanese, マリエル-desu. Har har my bad, I'm still bad at this typing business. Why learn this only now? It's because I'm used to typing my あだな. It's not ばかばか you ばか人!!! Only because Ed calls me "まリ " sometimes even "まチ". Doooood I wouldn't know, I'm not suppose to anyway. What is it to me? He's not Japanese either.

dayuuum... produced water, went to the mall to buy stuff. saw Gilbert @ the grocery. Regards-regards. dinner (out) END

I wasn't really into eating out today but still, nothing beats eating out. I had early dinner at the Chicken Inasal place at the Block. Chicken... YUM YUM

To the right>>>>>>
Woot! my mum's blogging. kekeke, she is actually. Asking how to post this and that. Let the Mari-おかあさま do the blogging. kekeke

Currently watched series: Kimi wa petto (きみはペット) Should have been Gokusen II but I'll give that a rest for a bit. I couldn't catch up with the GTO live action series on QTV, eerrm so much for that. How about this for kicks?

I must say, Jun Matsumoto is a talented actor. Did I mention that I ~ まリPOWER!


I gotta run. later days, kids

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korinaiken said...

Yes! My husband is a talented actor. LOL.:))