Stupid just gets stupid-er

Whaddup kiddies! (and folk) for those who are.. LiveJournal suuuure looks fun but I'm not LJ commoner still blogger could work up something to measure up to those blogging platforms so yeah. BTW I do LJ too but it's just for saying I own one, go figure

I don't know, just saying
Welps it's that time of the year that I just felt like the camera need to face me or vice-versa. I will have to face the fact that my face is super-puffy. PUFFY LIKE I DON'T KNOW WHAT anymore. I'm getting all fused up with my college papers and what not... It isn't fun but I hope my efforts will pay soon. And oh yeah school is comming soon so let me repeat myself. I haven't had vacation yet!

^미친 마리엘

Stoopid ipoo-d
One of mum's portable usb drives screwed up the system and I don't know if my files are going to get pruned. AGAIN (hope not). So my ipod is also kinda screwed up. It won't freakin' sync songs. Dope! I was planning to work up the memory but oh welps might as well do that next time... when the usb ports are fixed (I wonder when that is)

Chinatown Hustlers in DC!
One of my favorites, The Notorious MSG. Gaaah their going live in DC. AS IF, I can go out to see them this week. I'm going to be seriously busy on the last week of what they called summer. It's not for me anymore mates, not for me. I guess I'll just go lurking for previews of their "Lunch Money" EP. gaaaah my life is seeming becoming more and more むだぼね

ばか ばか ばか~ my life is soooo messed up. 왜?!!!!! why am I even typing in Japanese and Korean? gaaaahgo figure

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