Hey kidos Marz is ere' to let you know a few things

Yeaaaaahhhh BOI, official word is out. The designations for the SCS Masbate officers were already given. Thank you very much, I intentionally made my designation as my title for this paragraph because I seriously can't remember my position awhile ago, though I was first to be mentioned. DAyuuummm...... I guess my mates back at the can thought that the fact was too much for me to handle. Actually there's just too much gas passing around in my head.

DUUDE, I kept blowing my nose throughout the day PLUS lots of vehicle emission + cigarette smoke (Sounding so technical makes me feel superior! pwahahaha) was going about how would I not get all that air in my system? I must say being sick sucks. BIG TIME. Equation sums up to

Bad Air + Marz = ?!!?!?

Death noted?
This ain't no big sh** or crap talk, When Greg picked me up from SM this afternoon he brought me the shocker for the day. Chris Benoit of WWE (one of my wrestling idols, dayuuuum) passed away last Monday. Ironically it's because of double murder-suicide. Your reading this properly now. Sh** doesn't fly and so do I. I can only wait till WWE releases a new report about his death.

Wow, death note IS pretty popular here in Philly. I've watched only the movie yet I liked it LOTS (no props to the anime). I'm hoping for a third sequel or maybe I should watch the anime just for kicks? depends whichever is more convenient. Woot! 松山研一 (Matsuyama Ken’ichi) is the same dude in NANA. Propz propz. I must say He's taking on very cool roles. He was in 1 litre of tears also! I only remembered his character after wiki-ing him.

Drama comes in a handful today I can confidently say that it's a disappointing thing when the person you look up to does something you least expect.

それじゃ~ will go in peace

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korinaiken said...

i know that Matsuyama Ken’ichi is in gokusen 1, too. I don't know his character there but he in the 3-D class. ~SawadaShin~ >.<