Making me reconsider

"Your maximum wage is my minimum wage"

That should do just for kicks in the superiority complex of Marz for today. Yeah, I wished my life was like that, then I'd pawn everyone

Got dorky
Haha I got a good laugh out of this the first time I saw the DBSK 2nd concert Album cover. Dude those shades makes 창민 look like, eehhhhhpp.... Did I say Xiah is HAWTNESS?!?!!!

Jessica's call...
Dut dut dut today was the first time I actually got to wear my fatigue at school. Pwahaha I swear that uniform made me look like I was a hobo of some sort but anyhows suprise suprise! Jessica called me @ school today and I was all shock and awe.

I thought she was in Singapore all this time but turns out she just arrived in Singapore just last week. Whatta coinkideink (0_0) I hope she's gonna give J a call later, I do miss that bloke. BIG TIME

When is the breakthrough?
-I do want to quit. It has happened before and it's going to happen again. Something is still not clear to me, It's pretty stupid if I try to find out why (it's a waste of my time). Nothing is going to change what's already there. I cannot change what NOT to what IS.

**Friends remind you of the people you love. If that is case then I would say "I like the gay man again". I don't want that to happen. The truth is I've already decided that I wouldn't need that guy's concern to whatever business of mine. So shall be it but the thing is.... That guy is making my decision a HOAX. Also to be honest, I do hate / loathe him for being good at the things I'm not. He makes me hate him more. Did I mention that he's gay? and that he doesn't know it? Just because he doesn't want to say so himself. SO I WILL.

someone needs to stick a post-it-note on my forehead saying
"まリ, he's gay. You don't need that kind of crap in your life"

True. I don't need crap like that but... (there goes the but again) I get weak in the knees when I think about him. Think about him like... erm, remember how different he was (BACK THEN). I know I sound stupid going about making this public but that's what I really think.

I want to get rid of him. When will that breakthrough come for me?


それじゃ I want chocopie. but I'm sick. :P

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