it all has something to do with ECONOMICS

What are numbers, ratios, graphs, and data? Everything has something to do with ECONOMICS. I've just realized now. So does my homework, I just realized that the kids at school are already shoved with trivial questions that they have difficulty answering. 我的跛腳觀察啦. 瑣碎麼? 學校當局已確知與這 won't complain anyway.

Still 我注意更專好題. 許多出庭傻人 very often. It's becoming both 令人不安又戇. Sorry for being like this, but it really is.

不在場NINO's Party X Fangirl gathering
我tried my best to be able to go today to the gather @ McDo this afternoon. Alas my meeting with Ate Katz has been once again postponed. I feel so RAWR! soorry啦!!!!

Music is a treat
there's a lot for tunes out lately. EDC is out with his album~祝賀你啦! Now act like you KNOW. George is out of the question as always, he hasn't seen the puffed-up me lately so I don't want to give him a heart attack or WHAT NOT so nuff said about EDC.

What caught my interest is Ai Otsuka's new single PEACH HEART. PEACH是OST"花ざかりの君たちへ(JP VERSION)". 小栗旬是lead actor很好~好啦! Weird but interesting Horikita Maki will be playing the role Ella did in the Taiwanese version.

also another interesting album I got hold of just recently is Mink's Shalom 而很好舊釋放

Mink as I've heard is Korean and most of her releases are Japanese. Ring any bells? BoANo, mink's music is nothing like BoA. PLUS 我喜mink比BoA只因為

語文教師說 "Mari, continue reading and typing even if you are slow,你正在學習. 加油!"
Proper resonponse should decline but 我說"謝謝你" instead. 不知道right response to encouragement so teach me that also

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